PRCC | Rican Renaissance Festival

In such a difficult humanitarian crisis the importance of empathy and solidarity becomes necessary. PRRF offer a concrete structured system for all to participate and help us to achieve hands-on help to the suffering U.S. citizens who are surviving in Puerto Rico.

Our goal is to coalesce the culturally rich and prideful creative communities in Chicago to help rebuild Puerto Rico. Our efforts begin with the hard-working Puerto Rican community at Paseo Boricua in Humboldt Park where we will create an initial event called Rican Renascence where fine artists, performers, and musicians will come together in different happenings and expose their talents through a joyful and mindful weekend. Proceeds from the art sales, donations, showcases, and auctions will go to our relief fund.

The first day kicked off with a Press Conference leading to the opening of the festival with a Film at the Urban Theater Company

Media Consultant