PRESS RELEASE by WalterofChicago

Chicago, IL - Canvas hosts the following event In a foggy graveyard theme, designed by Event Producer Walterofchicago. Come Celebrate the spirit of Halloween with specialty cocktails & beer, classic scary films (on a MONSTER screen), and this bone-chilling LIVE music line-up! Get ready for a blend of Funk, Pop-Rock, and other fusion sounds. All tech courtesy of DrmBt (½ Founder of Canvas), contributing to the community for this halloween Smash. Each band will play a live set in front of halloween visuals like scary movies with other interactives like a costume contest, live drawings by local artist Alvaro Zavala, and of course free candy.

Among all the music, monsters, and mash will be an exclusive premiere by Flowtone. Following their recent tour with their anticipated album release, this year. Flowtone will announce a debut date for their upcoming album FALLen Temples and perform their next single live for the audience. Eager to share music from the album, Flowtone may just play some more tunes. More details on bands below:


The King of Mars formed in the spring of 2015 and has since evolved into a larger band with piano, synths, and a horn section. Their sound shakes the foundation of traditional rock music by encompassing Jazz, Funk, and Soul musicality alongside insightful lyricism.

The King of Mars has been performing at many popular Chicago venues such as The Subterranean, The House of Blues, Beat Kitchen, Martyrs, and Metro. They recently released their EP, “Cookie Cutter Dreams” and successfully completed their first tour in which they performed at venues along the East Coast and throughout the South and Midwest. | Thekingofmars.com


A Chicago made progressive pop-rock band of infused Jazz, Funk, and other

influences. This three piece group of gentleman produce a signature sound, successfully blending and weaving

melodies between their instruments and challenging common pop-rock structures authenticated by lyrical

and capturing vocals. The band’s mood is an easy going yet tactical vibe. Theyre image is very classic, that of a

polaroid-making analog music relevant. | Gowiththeflowtone.com


Safety Squad is a large jazz fusion ensemble from Columbus, Ohio. Inspired by the sounds of Snarky Puppy, Safety Squad recorded their first self titled album in March of 2016.| securitysquad.bandcamp.com


Alvaro Zavala AKA Pinche Alvarito is a Queer Mexican American Painter, self taught in acryllic, ink, pencil, digital and murals. Alvaro is gender queer and works within the Chicago Drag scene alongside his partner The Vixen. Mainly producing tshirts for Drag Queens as well as prints & stickers. Not only drag though, he also produces work related to his queer mexican identity and loves to share his work in the Pilsen art scene where there is a growing number of queer mexican designers. Alvaro Zavala has one goal, to WERK! | PincheAlvarito.com