Today we are immersed within a realm of social streaming of eternal clicks, plays, and likes. The root of these actions are derived from an artistic medium known as photography. Process is one of the most relevant forms of current expression, which Julius Torres has naturally selected to investigate.

This body of work masters the representation of one’s artistic process and product in a culmination of social media. Torres’s subjects capture raw, emotional, beautiful creatures. He eagerly challenges the stereotypical idea about what beauty is today in the 21st century. His works are not a negative or positive comment towards these platforms, but a statement on how many are deeply immersed into social media. Art is a debate, a speech, and a voice that force conversation.

Torres grew up in upstate New York where he was surrounded by classically trained artists, his father being a sculptor and his mother a painter. At the age of 10, Torres moved to Miami where he interrogated himself in the “Vice” culture. The “Art Deco” lifestyle of Miami brought him his unusual colour palette, bright and explosive.

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