walmart gift card balance

Walmart gift card balance | Check Balance

walmart gift card balance : Begin by looking at the reverse of your gift card. Most likely, you'll see an unreachable number which you can dial to check the balance. You can also check the balance of your account through visiting the site of the company that issued your card where you can enter your credit card's 16 digit numbers and the security number.


To verify you Walmart Gift Card Balance online Here's how to do:

  1. Click here to go to this link. It will take You to the balance checker on your walmart gift card balance

  2. The next step is when you are granted access to the web page , you must enter the 16-digit card number and the four numbers of your PIN in the appropriate spaces.

  3. Select the tab that is marked as "Get card balance" to proceed to the next step.

  4. Click on to "submit" button.

  5. You can verify the information of the gift card.


There are three methods to examine Walmart balance on gift cards: on the internet, in local stores, and the customer support service.

Steps to verify Walmart credit card balance on the internet:

  1. Visit Walmart's official siteClick on to open the "Check Your Walmart Gift Card Balance" link.

  2. Feed in the 16-digit number of your card and 4-digit pin code. Enter "Get Card Balance".

Steps to verify Walmart gift card balances at local Walmart stores:

  1. Visit your internet browser and locate your closest Walmart store.

  2. Visit the store. The counter staff will help you check your balance.

Steps to verify Walmart gift card balances through Walmart customer support:

  1. Contact this number: Walmart customer support number.

  2. Pay attention and take proper action

  3. Enter the correct extension code

  4. Enter your 16-digit card's number and then sit back for the response.

How Do Walmart Gift Cards Work?

The gift cards sold by Walmart come in two varieties: standard (or plastic) and digital cards. They can be used for:

  1. On-line Walmart as well as Sam's Club stores

  2. Walmart as well as Sam's Club shops all around the USA as well as in Puerto Rico

  3. Many accepted Murphy USA Fuel Stations

Every physical or electronic card is able to be loaded up with a sum between $5 and $500, assuming the fact that gift cards with a balance is greater than $250 must be activated prior to use. They are issued with an unique gift card number of 16 digits and a 4-digit PIN (security) code. Furthermore, they aren't expiring so you are able to utilize them for longer time. The maximum amount of gift cards you can mix in a single order is five.

Although they could be great gifts for business or personal (corporate) presents however, they shouldn't be part of any marketing plan or other promotional efforts. Walmart also features various gift cards for special occasions that can be used when traveling, dining out or purchasing video games or seeking out other forms of entertainment.