The leak has been confirmed. Secret information on cryptocurrencies is sold online for everyone.

Last month, one of the major Wall Street banks conducted a comprehensive analysis of all cryptocurrencies and identified 10 cryptocurrencies that will rise in price by at least 300,000% with 100% probability in the next 3 months.

The results of the reports randomly got to one of the bank employees and he decided to sell a list of these 10 cryptocurrencies online for $2895 on this site.

In fact, this information is secret and very valuable intended for the top management of the bank.

This list immediately began to be massively bought up by people around the world in order to quickly invest and get rich by the end of summer. At the moment, 139582 people have bought this list and sales are only growing.

This information was not made public, as the reputation of the bank may suffer due to the leak.