INdivisible Diversity


Our group is as diverse as our goals. Not all of our members are from Wall, nor are we all Democrats. In addition, our diversity group embraces a membership composed of various cultures, backgrounds, ages, beliefs, colors, sexual orientations, and creeds.

Our common goals are to halt the Trump Agenda by promoting human rights and social justice and to defeat Congressman Chris Smith in his bid for re-election in 2018. Toward these goals, we are establishing subcommittees to take civil, yet aggressive action aimed at diverse causes such as guaranteeing the following:

1st Amendment rights

Civil rights of EVERY religion and ethnicity

The rights of children

School funding

Health care

Immigration reform

Gun control

LGBT rights

Women’s rights – including equal pay, reproductive rights, and an ERA

Ongoing and to the core of this mission is our daily advocacy of Fairness, Inclusion and Tolerance (FIT), be it by example or action.

In addition, many of us are committed to local politics in our OWN communities (over 10 represented in our membership.) We support all community members via showing up and asking questions at meetings, helping with voter registration, running for office, or WHATEVER IT TAKES at the grass roots level, to see the progressive values that we hold important realized.

Committee Leader - Debbie Dunne

Committee Members

  • Susan Andrews
  • Cheryl Bartholomew
  • Joan Blanchard
  • Amy Brady
  • Pat Brennan
  • Sharon Briel
  • Faye Bruno
  • Stephanie Carrion
  • Kathy Corcoran
  • Jill Drew
  • Eileen Eilenberger
  • Dave Fretz
  • Kat Grausso
  • Nancy Gurzo
  • Nancy Holstein
  • Cathy Houtz
  • Pat Hutchinson
  • Suzan Lastovica
  • Taylor Latourette
  • Joyce Maraziti
  • Robin Margolis
  • Eleonora Martelli
  • Maggie McBride
  • Margaret McChesney
  • Tim McCorry
  • Peg Melchione
  • Eileen Michaels
  • Geri Pincus
  • Aldo Ramina
  • Maureen Ramina
  • Caitlin Reichelt
  • Mary Ring
  • Margaret Saracco
  • Katie Schneekloth
  • Pat Supplee
  • Sandy Taylor
  • Marion Torrone
  • Jane Tully
  • Joe Villa
  • Sherri West
  • Gert Wasilishen
  • Tom Wasilishen
  • Tom Wik
  • Josh Williams
  • Joe Woerner
  • Marilyn Woerner
  • Pat Wright

For more information about this group, or to join it, please email Debbie Dunne (