Details Coming Soon

Students will go on a photo walk and take pictures of special places in their community. Upload those images to our WWU Google Form!

Students will choose a place they are wondering about and navigate to it on Google Maps. From there, they will access Street View and take some time to look around. They will use the "I Wonder" template provided and respond to their own inquiry question about their chosen place.

Students will use the Google Tour Creator website to create a virtual tour of a place of their choosing. They will access Street View images and create a tour including at least 5 slides, with information about each scene under the Description.

Students will interview an elder member of their community using a simple Who-What-Why-Where-When-How interview format. They will record their responses onto the corresponding Google Form provided.

Students will contribute to a collaborative map via a Google Form. Instructions for what to include can be found on the map!

A special badge for those students who complete all 5 challenges!