About walkstars


is a walking group based in beautiful North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We are a mixed age group with diverse backgrounds. Walkstars promotes fitness, fun and friendship. We walk on beautiful North Shore routes throughout the year. You can find us on Meetup.

Walkstars Abroad

is the inspiration of our weekly walking group. Members asked us to organize a walking holiday - not too strenuous, but with a healthy amount of time exploring the world at a pedestrian pace, to give us time to notice the small details, take pictures and create memories with friends old and new. We organized our inaugural travel experience in November 2018 with 12 Walkstars!


Walkstars chose the social app Meetup to help organize our walks. It has been a great way to connect people who don't know each other but share mutual interests. Meetup chose Walkstars to attend Togetherfest 2018 in NYC as one of their 150 Super Groups.



Join Walkstars - North Shore and sign up for weekly North Vancouver walks at Meetup.com. Membership is free!

Join a Walkstars Abroad Experience. Just like our weekly walking group, our travel experiences are open to anyone. All you need is a desire to do some walking, to experience the outdoors and to meet new friends. Contact us at walkstarsinfo@gmail.com or fill out a reservation form.

walkstar founders

Dawn and Patrick (Paddy) live in North Vancouver, BC, Canada where they moved many years ago to be close to work, raise a family and to live in this jewel of a natural setting. They are now "actively" retired, staying fit through walking and other activities and looking for travel adventures that don't cost an arm-and-a-leg!

Dawn and Paddy are not professional guides or trainers, just people with a passion to keep healthy and develop community.


is a retired performing arts, university instructor. A few years ago she and her friend Ann decided to commit to a weekly walk together. Well, a few more friends were added and a group on Meetup was created and the weekly walks, rain or shine, have continued. Before you know it...Walkstars was a thing!


is a media producer and a wanderlust. He actually works a couple of days at Wanderlust Travel Store in Kitsalano to indulge in and share his love of adventure. Fit and active, Paddy's zest for life is infectious in the group.


The tours are created by and professionally managed by One Percent Travel: Rare & Unique Experiences, a certified tour company that specializes small group travel that is sustainable, and that supports local communities. Guide and owner, Alberto Morales, is exceptional and has become a good Walkstars friend.


Most of us didn't know each other before but we sure like to spend a couple of hours together on Sunday walking the mountain trails or by the ocean. There are usually 20 rain-or-shine walkers every week - some are regulars and some new faces joining us too. Find Walkstars - North Shore on Meetup.

We are very thankful for a trusty core group that keep the walks going when Dawn & Patrick travel. They also formed the first Walkstars Abroad squad.

In Memory

In Nov. 2018 we lost our beloved mascot, labradoodle Guinness. He was an honorary Walkstar walking 4 km for every 1 km of ours. He thought he was a puppy 'til the end. You are missed ol' guy! Happy Rainbow walks!


Dawn and Paddy personally cover the cost of being on Meetup. They gather an optional contribution of $1 per walk from members to support our local Covenant House as the recipient of Walkstars' donations.

Walkstars Abroad finds a local community program for the tour participants' optional donations.