Coming Soon!

as God has handed me new cards in life, goals are changing. I have previously kept this all to myself, but something is calling me to share with everyone. Below is a small list of things to come in the next year!

Doula Certification!

After years of planning, extensions, hard work and never giving up, I am finally approaching the final months to certification! I will keep everyone updated on the last and final steps! I look forward to all the doors certification will open for me!

Plus Size Birth Certified

Once I get my doula certification, I can apply to be officially Plus Size friendly! While this may not be super important for all, it is relevant so many of my clients. I wholeheartedly believe that size does not mean anything when it comes to your ability to birth. Plus Size is NOT a medical indication for anything. I look forward to having this official stamp of approval.

Aromatherapy for Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum

Soul Core

CPST - Child Passenger Safety Technician