About Me

“ Always think of yourself as everyone's servant; look for Christ Our Lord in everyone and you will then have respect and reverence for them all.”

Saint Teresa of Avila

Who do I serve?

Just like Christ walks with you everywhere you go, I am here to walk with you every step of the way, from early pregnancy through the first 12 postpartum months. I know first hand what postpartum mood disorders are like and I strive to be available to you during your first postpartum year. Having a solid support system is paramount and I am here to help you however I can. No matter your life situation, I will walk with you on your journey.

Before my children were born, I had dreams of becoming a National Geographic photographer, ready to scale mountains, fly the skies and explore the unexplored. As I settled down with my husband, I realized that something a bit more rooted was where my heart belonged. I had grand plans to hone my skills to serve our religious and Catholic communities, when once again, I felt a change of heart. It was birth that was my calling and nothing was going to stop it from growing within my heart.

Even if I do not seem to be the doula for you, if you have ANY questions, please message me! I am full of resources and referrals and I will be more than happy to help you find what you are looking for.

I am called mom, wife, daughter and friend.

I am a career woman, business owner, and full time wife and mother.

my story

The one big lesson I've learned in life is that it never goes the way you expect it to. You can plan and plan and then God throws you a big curve or hurdle. Initially you think it's the end of the world and how are you every going to get back on track. Then slowly, you realize how this new path is the better path. So far, my life has been filled with path changes and while life is nothing how I imagined it to be, I could not be more blessed.

I started off my college career planning to work as a Crime Scene Photographer. Gruesome right? Well over halfway though, those jobs disappeared. I continued with my degree unsure of where it would take me. I continued on to graduate school to get my MFA in Photography. A year in, I realized that program was not where I should be at that point in my life. Then it was on to find my new path. Lots of small jobs later, I got married and moved up to Washington. There I aimed to find my niche in the photography world. I felt a calling to get involved in religious event photography. I felt a strong pull to capture those special religious moments from baptism to marriage to funerals and everything in between.

Once again, God called me in a different direction. After my daughter was born, I yearned to learn more about birth, the process and how women's bodies work in labor. I did not have my ideal birth with my first, so when I was pregnant with my second, I read and researched and learned all I could. I discovered that being a Doula was where my heart and passion bloomed. I began offering services as a birth photographer last year and took a doula training. It secured my passion even more and I know that now, in this chapter of my life, being a birth doula and birth photographer is my calling, my vocation.

I have a weakness for dark chocolate & pasta

and I live on strong, black coffee