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Vision • Guiding Principles

LASER Vision of Impactful K-12 Science/STEM Systems

Leadership & Community for All Students

  • Students: All K-12 students deepen their understanding of scientific ideas over time, engaging in practices that scientists and engineers actually use, so that students are informed and thriving global citizens and succeed in STEM careers if they choose those pathways.

  • School Districts and Community: School district science/STEM leadership is in ongoing relationship with a range of community stakeholders, so that diverse community voices and STEM-related professionals are assets for growing science/STEM educational opportunities.

  • LASER Network: Washington State LASER facilitates networked science/STEM leadership communities that develop cultural proficiency in service of district programs and classroom learning, which in turn prepare students for civic engagement, careers, post-secondary education, and lifelong learning.

Guiding Principles for LASER Alliances:

Developing Know-How Together

  • Know-How: Culturally Proficient Science/STEM Leadership consists of both knowledge and practices. This know-how will be developed by learning and developing practices together.

  • Collaboration: LASER Alliances will consult and collaborate with each other to develop know-how through working with schools and districts within and across LASER Alliances.

  • Impact: LASER impacts are measured at both the regional and statewide level--the regional Alliances, Co-Directors, and Washington STEM are all partners in one collective endeavor.