Wake Dems Veterans & MiliTary Families Chapter

There are over 650,000 veterans in North Carolina. Republican promises to veterans are a central message of his campaign, but it is clear they care little about veterans. Our government is in a crisis from the national level where we are abandoning our allies to the state level where gerrymandered districts disenfranchise voter to the local level where spending priorities provide inadequate money for infrastructure and schools. It is time for veterans to organize and start fixing America, North Carolina, Wake County and our local government.

The NC Democratic Party has established a Veterans Caucus:

NCDP Veterans & Military Families Caucus

We are planning to form a Wake Couny Chapter and need the following officers. Please step-up and consider serving in a leadership position.

        • Chair/County Commander
        • Senior Vice Chair/Commander
        • Junior Vice Chair/Commander
        • Secretary/Adjutant
        • Treasurer

Please join Our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/VMFCWCDP/

Join Our Mailing List: https://actionnetwork.org/forms/join-wake_dems_veterans_caucus