Wake Dems Veterans Caucus

There are over 650,000 veterans in North Carolina. Republican promises to veterans are a central message of his campaign, but it is clear they care little about veterans. We have a commander in chief who dishonors Gold Star Families, attacks our allies. turned the Veterans Administration over to partisan political interests and brags that he know more than the generals even though he avoided military service. Our commander-in-chief used Twitter to declare victory over ISIS and announce a troop pull out. His unprecedented policy of humiliating, denigrating and undermining our closest allies in ways that are already doing irreparable harm to relationships that have taken decades to build. Our democracy is strong and no-one is above the law, but we have to elect politicians who are willing to put country over party.

Veterans you served your county in the past. You party, your state and your county need you now. It is time we organize and elect officials who are going restore respect for the American values that served us well for hundreds of years.

The Wake County Democratic Caucus of the wake Country Democratic Party is organizing wake county democrats. It’s time we speak up and elect the leaders who are going to turn our communities, our state and out country around. Please join us and encourage your friends and neighbors to join us.

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