Lam, Wai Yeung 

Postdoctoral researcher

University of Luxembourg

Email:  wai.lam (at)

林偉揚   Wayne  


Research Interest

My research is about Discrete Differential Geometry, which concerns structure-preserving discretizations of the smooth theory. Recently, I have been working on circle packings and their connections to complex projective structures, Teichmüller theory, discrete surface theory, and dimer models.

What is Discrete Differential Geometry?

To gain an insight, I recommend the lecture notes from TU Berlin, which start with polygonal curves in space. In case you are very familiar with parameterized surfaces (which is not usually covered in any 1st course of differential geometry), you could look at Bobenko and Suris's book with the viewpoint of discrete integrable systems. If you are urged to take the machinery for applications, Keenan Crane's notes are very good sources.