Need a break?

You'll never walk alone. Especially in these strange times, it sometimes is nice to just go for a walk with someone and have a friendly chat. With Wageningen Walks, we offer you the chance to bring back some of the spontaneity to life, of course corona-proof!

Through the contact form below, you can meet up with somebody else (in the physical world) to go for a walk. We make sure you get each other's contact details so you can set a place and time.

We always send you an email with the contact details of your partner and refresh all registrations between Friday and Sunday. This means that you can register for a walk once a week.

Make sure to always keep at least 1.5 meters distance from each other and others while walking. Avoid public transport while travelling to the agreed-upon location.

Contact with any questions, comments or remarks that you might have.

Check for an overview of Walks at other universities. In total, we already have 2750 registrations!

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