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Studies in Eschatology


I am currently working on putting together a course in Eschatology, which -- in case you have never heard that word -- is the study of what the Bible teaches about Final Things, although it also includes anything related to the afterlife, death, angels and demons, and so on.

I have created this site as a place to record and share the results of my course preparation and invite your feedback.

My notes proceed from the belief that the Bible is the Word of God and reveals true knowledge about real things. In fact, it is the only reliable source for information about the spirit dimension and ultimate outcomes for humanity and the world.

This word cloud to show the diversity of topics that fall under the topic of Eschatology.

Click the link above to see an infographic that explains.

Eschatology Word Cloud

Some Choice Quotes about Eschatology

"The word ‘eschatology’, which literally means ‘the study of the last things’, doesn’t just refer to death, judgment, heaven and hell, as used to be thought (and as many dictionaries still define the word). It refers to the strongly held belief of most first-century Jews, and virtually all early Christians, that history was going somewhere under the guidance of God; and that where it was going was towards God’s new world of justice, healing and hope" (N. T. Wright, Surprised by Hope, 134).

"New Testament eschatology is not some sort of ad hoc jigsaw puzzle of crazy ideas appended to the rest of Scripture. Rather, New Testament eschatology is simply the logical and appropriate culmination of the consistent biblical vision of redemption, and it is vitally important for Christian living" (J. R. Middleton, A New Heaven and a New Earth, p. 17).

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