Deep Learning Methods and Applications for Animal Re-Identification


We're excited to present our animal re-identification workshop for WACV2020. Animal re-identification is a technique used to answer many fundamental ecological hypotheses related to animal behaviour and population dynamics. We believe the use of machine learning methods can aid and inspire fundamental research questions as well as open up the possibilities for hypotheses previously too difficult to test. We hope to keep our focus broad, but inclusive, so that everyone feels empowered to promote solutions to ecological questions. We highly encourage submissions which make their data publicly available

Example Topics

Topics that are anticipated, but are not required, include:

  • Machine Learning for Human/Animal Re-Identification
  • Vocal Recognition for Re-Identification
  • Human/Animal Pose Estimation
  • Behaviour Analysis from Audio/Video
  • Data Augmentation for Limited Datasets
  • Learning from Simulated Data
  • Metric Learning
  • One-Shot/ Zero-Shot Learning
  • GPS Location Prediction
  • Interpretability of AI Systems
  • Public Ecological Datasets
  • Best Practices for Data Collection and Curation

Call for Papers

We invite submissions of short papers using machine learning to address problems in image, video, and audio re-identification. We are interested in bringing the ecological and computer vision communities together, centered around research involving deep learning methods for animal re-identification applications. We would like to encourage contributors from the machine learning community to present cutting edge research relevant to animal re-identification, whether image, video, or audio processing. We would also encourage ecologists with limited to no machine learning expertise to come and discuss their ecological research problems in an attempt to brainstorm how machine learning may be of assistance. In addition, we welcome everyone in between.



We call for papers of three categories: Contributed Papers, Extended Abstracts, and Proposals

See the Submission Details page for more information


Sunday, March 1st, 2020


25 minutes long allowing 5 minutes for questions


Post workshop socializing and brainstorming event for ideas related to the talks presented. All are welcome!


Submission Deadline

December 15th, 2019

Notification Deadline

January 20th, 2020

Camera Ready Papers Due

February 1st, 2020

Plans for Special Issue Media

We will maintain the workshop web page after the conference, hosting the list of accepted submissions and speakers. We will host links to the accepted submissions on the webpage. We plan to record the workshop talks and make the recording publicly available on the workshop web page and across social media platforms.