WA Online Panel Marketing

Click the Send Whatsapp Message menu to start sending the message. You can choose to send only one number or in bulk. We recommend sending messages in bulk as this software is dedicated to sending many messages at once :)

  1. Numbers sent using random numbers from the server. So you don't have to worry about blocking because it's not sent from your number. All you have to do is upload your Message and upload the list of numbers to blast. It's web-based, so you can blast from your mobile phone!

  1. Now as you see this is Home Page of your User Panel.

  2. You can see the Credit Balance of your account in the Tab Available at the top named as “WhatsApp Credits” & “Filter Credits” Respectively. Kindly go through the instructions before placing any campaign.

To Place the Campaigns , You can see the Tabs available at the left hand side of the screen. You can select any of the given media mode at one time for one particular campaign.

  1. For sending TEXT, Click on the Send TEXT Tab. The Screen appears, in the first dialogue box you can Type or Paste the Message content you would like to broadcast in the campaigns.

  2. The messages can be in any Language with emojis upto 1500 characters. The Counter on the righthand side corner of the dialogue box will let you know the characters remaining out of 1500 characters.


  • 1 Credit = Up to 1500 Characters Text Message.

  • 1 Credit = Image + Caption up to 5 MB file size.

  • 2 Credit = Video Or Video + Caption up to 5 MB file size.

  • 2 Credit = PDF Or PDF + Caption up to 5 MB file size.

  • Maximum limit of Caption is 500 Character Only.

  • Maximum limit of All File Size is 5 MB Only.

  • Image Format (JPG/JPEG/PNG).

  • Video Format (MP4).

  • Campaign Time : 12:30 PM to 08:00 PM (Mon-Sat).

Send Single & Bulk Message

1. In the Next box, You have to either Copy Paste or Write the Numbers you wish to send the Messages on. The numbers must be placed one below one and with country code. Below is the sample. 60 is the Country code followed by the contact number.

2. Example:




3. For better results you can prepare the contact list in the excel sheet and you can directly copy paste it in the panel. The Counter on the right hand side of the dialogue box will let you know the count of numbers you have uploaded.

4. Kindly Note: After Uploading all the numbers , Please place the cursor at the end of last number you have uploaded. As the cursor in coming in another line will count as one more number.

5. The Next menu is for Scheduling the Time. As you can see there are two types available :


Selecting Immediate will lead the campaign to be placed for now. Which is pushed from the server after the batch processing time of 15-20 minutes of the campaigns uploaded.


Selecting Later will enable you to schedule your campaigns for the Time period of next one month. You can select the date & Time from the calendar that appears as you click on the later tab. The campaigns can be scheduled for the given Standard Campaign timings of 12:30 PM to 08:00 PM (Monday to Saturday).

6. You can now click on the submit button the Place the campaigns. Please wait for the success message after clicking the submit button.

Your Campaigns are now placed...!!!!!

Similarly, You can select the Tabs available at the right hand side for sending any of the given media modes :

  • Text (1500 Characters)

  • Image (JPG/JPEG/PNG Only Up to 5 MB) + Caption (500 Characters)

  • Video (MP4 Only Up to 5 MB) + Caption (500 Characters)

  • PDF (.PDF Only Up to 5 MB) + Caption (500 Characters)

For Filtering:

1. If you have Filter Credits available, Click on the Send Filtering Tab. Copy paste the numbers with Country code added in front of every numbers in the dialogue box to check their availability on WhatsApp. Below is the sample.

60 is the Country code followed by the contact number.





2. Click on the schedule for the filtering process to be started.

3. Press submit & Wait for the Success Message.

The File is now uploaded for Filtering.

You can check the Progress and download the filtered list of numbers ie. Filtering Report from the View Filter Report Tab below send filtering Tab. Initially Campaign is in “IN PROGRESS” status Download links gets enabled for downloading the Filter Reports once status is changed to “DONE”.

Sending Report

View Campaign Report Tab:

It enables you to check all the campaigns you have uploaded with their Campaign Type, Message Content, Media Modes and Total Mobile numbers uploaded.

This Tab Also shows the Live Status of your Campaigns uploaded.

The term Queued indicates, Your campaign is successfully uploaded and is in Queue.

The Term Started indicates, Your campaign is now being sent from the server and is in Progress.

The Term Done indicates, Your campaign has been Successfully submitted.

For any Error in the campaigns, The status will show as “Error” followed by the description.

Credits Log:

This Tab will show you the current transactions ie. (Recharges and Removal) from the account only.

Request Demo Bulk messages to worldwide users

Become Reseller Make Mone Online

  • Lifetime Credit Validity. No return or refund.

  • Kindly Read the Instructions on Home Page of Panel Before Placing a Campaign .

  • This is the online service. No return or refund at any stage.

  • WA Marketing service is meant to be used as one-way outbound messaging only and content should be Promotional or Marketing Type only. And all messages go as unidirection outbound campaign only. Any Abusive, Offensive Content found in Campaigning will lead to Strict Action.

  • Clients are required by law not to use the product for any type of harmful or inappropriate content.

  • If the Campaign is Placed Before/ After Mentioned Campaign Timing, the Campaign goes in Queue & will be Scheduled for the Next Working Hours.

  • Kindly Test Service on Few Numbers before Placing Big Campaigns.

  • This is a Bulk Messaging Platform, Campaigns of Size More than 1000 Numbers will only be allowed.

  • While Placing Campaigns, Duplicate Numbers will be Automatically Removed from the Numbers Placed.

  • Please avoid apostrophe ' sign and paragraph in caption as it is not supported.

  • Demo Account Will Be Valid for 48 hours Only.


Thanks & Regards