Club Polo Shirt Order Info

Attention Club Members!

Here is a printable order form that you can give to one of the club officers at our next meeting. or email it or a facsimile to They typically retail for around $30 more or less, depending on size.

JCARC Polo Shirt Order Form.pdf

Click the icon in the upper right corner to open this PDF document in a new window.

Here is a sample of the shirt you will be getting and its approximate color. It's a 3-button high quality, left pocket polo-type shirt which will have our club logo (shown in the image below) silkscreened on the back. If you choose, your name and call sign can also be included on the front right for no additional charge (subject to change).

Here is our official club patch that measures 4 inches wide and 3 inches tall. You can either iron it on, sew it on, or even do both. They are available for $7.00 each. We do require that you be a member to purchase. Please contact us at to find out how to get yours.

This is also the design that will appear on our club shirts but without the black border.