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Portland, Indiana

Upcoming Events for the Jay County ARC

Meeting at 9 AM on Saturday, May 15, 2021 in person and possibly virtually:

Link: https://meet.google.com/iiu-qxij-rcv
Meeting ID: iiu-qxij-rcv

We apologize for any who were trying to attend our April 17th meeting. Although all of the equipment was working and connected, unfortunately, T-Mobile Internet didn't see fit to give us a good enough data rate to make it work. We did have quite a crowd, so it's possible that we'll do away with the virtual meetings at this time. We'll keep monitoring the data speed situation and may give it another go if it seems promising. We'll let you know right here or on our Tuesday net.

FYI, we can conduct virtual meetings from this link anytime. One of the JCARC members who has the password has to be involved with it in order to make the connection. As of now, only Gil (KE9F), Jeff (W9JKL), and Francis (KB9QVO) have the password, so you'd have to get in touch with one of them to start a virtual meeting with the JCARC account. And you can! It's a great way to get technical support or to do a face-to-face chat. And to keep that link alive, we have to use it once every 90 days.

Club Activity After April 17, 2021 Meeting

We had a cookout with Jeff as master griller and all sorts of food there. We were treated to a tape measure antenna build by Steve McDowell, and starting at 1 PM had a fox hunt. Inside the cabin, a couple of guys brought guitars and serenaded the listeners. A great time. We do have some photos that were submitted by Rick and Duane that has now been posted on our site. Here's the link!!!

Our monthly club meeting is held on the third Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM and hopefully both in person and through Google Meet, but the virtual meeting may be changed or eliminated at this time. Our new meeting location as well as our Saturday morning breakfast that starts at 8 AM is at the Boy Scouts building at east side the Jay County Fairgrounds.

East Central Indiana Hamfest

If you have an interest in volunteering for the next East Central Indiana Hamfest that will be held on July 31, 2021, please click on the link below for more information. Lots of exciting things going on there. You can also use the link to get the latest about the event.

*** Click here to go to the East Central Indiana Hamfest website ***

Regular Club Activities

1. JCARC Net - Tuesday at 7:00 PM Eastern

Any licensed amateur can join our net each Tuesday beginning at 7:00 PM Eastern using any of the linked repeaters below or from around the world on EchoLink. For those new to amateur radio, when you see a + or - following the frequency, it indicates either a positive or negative standard transmit offset. For those using scanners, enter the frequencies shown below to listen. Here are the repeaters:

  • W9JCA, Frequency: 145.210- MHz, PL: 97.4 Hz, Repeater location: Pennville, Indiana.

  • W9JCA, Frequency: 443.475+ MHz, PL: 100.0 Hz, Repeater location: Portland, Indiana, EchoLink Node: 412960. This is the primary and preferred EchoLink node and is tied into and monitored by net control.

  • Frequency: 442.675+ MHz, PL: 107.2 Hz, Location: Fort Recovery, Ohio (KB8SCR), EchoLink Node: 948238 (KB8SCR). This is the backup EchoLink node in the event the primary node is down.

  • Frequency: 145.250-, PL 107.2 for Ft. Recovery receiver or 127.3 for the Celina receiver.


  • Nets are generally cancelled or postponed during severe weather to protect radio equipment or to conduct emergency weather spotting.

  • The Portland repeater's remote link to Pennville is disconnected briefly on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday nights to establish links with other local repeaters to help enhance other local club's nets. It's reconnected as normal after those nets conclude.

2. Ham Radio Breakfast - Every Saturday at 8:30 AM in Portland, Indiana

Join the die-hard folks that just love getting up and socializing every Saturday around 8:30 AM unless otherwise scheduled. Because of the Coronavirus "pandemic," bring your breakfast items, coffee, or whatever you want, or just yourself. Our meeting location is at the Scout's Cabin on the east side of the Jay County Fairgrounds in Portland. Enter the fairgrounds through the main gate and make your way toward the east side of the fairgrounds. The most direct route is to take a right turn at the main road about 500 feet from the entrance and go east about a block. Our primary repeater frequencies are monitored during that time and we'll talk you in, if need be. On the third Saturday of each month, our club meeting will immediately follow at 9 AM both in-person and virtually on Google Meet. See the links at the top of this page and the bottom of each page.

3. Tone Test Alert - Saturday @ 11:30 AM
3a. Simplex Net follows

Dave, KB8SCR holds a brief over-the-air net to test the P-25 system, as well as the repeater system. A brief test tone is broadcast on the linked repeaters 442.675 in Fort Recovery, 443.475 in Portland and 145.210 in Pennville to start the net. Please be sure the batteries are charged in your portables so it's ready to work. The test tone can also be used with all analog radios since the tone is not transmitted digitally. Right after that, listen for the simplex net on 145.540 with Tony as net control.

4. Third Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM Eastern - Jay County Amateur Radio Club Meeting

See Number 2 above.


Club President: Francis Betts (KB9QVO)
Vice President: Jeff Landers (W9JKL). Radio guru, host of EchoLink Node 412960, and net control on Tuesday night.
Club Secretary: PG Jellison (W9RTO). Also media mentions of this site and our club events on WPGW, 100.9 FM and 1440 AM
Club Treasurer: Tom Kaup (KA1UP)
Repeater Trustee: Darrell Borders (AA9OM). Award winning Parks on the Air guy, as well as key in our classroom training program.
Dave Wood (KB8SCR): General radio guru and along with Jeff Landers, keeps the repeater system up and running.
Web Design and Virtual Meeting (when we need to conduct one): Gil Davis (KE9F)
Dave Lewis (KD8AZO): Host of EchoLink Node 948238