Scanner Radios

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Public Service Radios

Most of these public service radios are brought to you courtesy of Broadcastify. As they are available, we'll bring you both EMS including fire and ambulance, and public safety such as police or sheriff departments. We check these frequently to ensure these links work. Just click on the play button in any of the boxes. Do bear in mind that you can have more than one playing at a time, so if you hear several transmissions at one time, just check to see which other players are running at the time. At the bottom of this list is a link to WeatherUSA which allows you to listen to many live NOAA weather broadcasts live.

Jay County Area EMS

Adams County Area EMS

Randolph County Sheriff Dispatch

Randolph County Fire Dispatch

Muncie PD, FD, EMS, & BSU

Delaware County Fire, EMS, & EMA

Allen County Ohio Public Safety

Central Indiana Skywarn W9ICE

Indianapolis Metro Police

Marion County Fire