The JCARC P-25 Digital and Analog Network

Planned West Central Ohio - East Central Indiana Analog Network

Please note that only the 444.6875 repeater is currently both digital and analog, the rest are analog and the links are either already implemented or planned. We're also planning a link to Adams County's 145.47 MHz repeater in the near future which typically gets into south and downtown Fort Wayne.

What makes our network work?

Motorola Quantar Repeater

Front and rear views of one of the repeaters that makes our network possible.

Vertex Standard Radios

These are the P-25 compatible handheld and mobile radios that were sold to JCARC club members recently and are pictured below along with button descriptions and functions. We're also making the operation manuals available for these radios in a link under each photo.

Vertex Standard VX-7200 UHF Mobile

Vertex Standard VX-924 Portable