Ohio - Indiana P-25 Network

The P-25 Network

If you'd like to really get into the technical aspects of P-25 and the network, {CLICK HERE} to bring up the DARA (Dayton Amateur Radio Association) website. Created by Gary Pearce (KN4AQ). As a side-note, the Ohio-Indiana network will not be on the worldwide net at this time. Some of the information presented here pertains to the worldwide P-25 system, but the knowledge gained here will apply to our local net, as well.

Now, let's learn more about the P-25 system. The first video runs nearly an hour and with it, you'll learn the basics of how the system works. If you'd like to see information specific to digital hotspots which and also link into our P-25 system (as well as others), we have a PowerPoint presentation that you you can view. Click here to see that.

Here are a few videos that will get you more familiar with digital devices, formats, and radios.

P-25 Caller ID List

Updated December 15, 2019. Thanks to Dave W (KB8SCR) for making this list available to us. If you're on a computer or a device with a larger screen, click on the flyout in the upper right hand corner of the window to see a larger version. The DID (or Digital ID) is a unique digital user ID that is to be programmed into each digital radio that identifies the user when the radio is keyed up. To apply for a DID, just {CLICK HERE}. As a note, it can take several days to receive your ID number, so if you plan on buying a digital radio, apply early. This listing is updated quite frequently if there are any changes.

P-25 Caller ID List: Dec 15, 2019