Ohio - Indiana P-25 Network

The P-25 Network

If you'd like to really get into the technical aspects of P-25 and the network, {CLICK HERE} to bring up the DARA (Dayton Amateur Radio Association) website. You'll learn the ins and outs of what P-25 networking is all about. Created by Gary Pearce (KN4AQ). As a side-note, the Ohio-Indiana network will not be on the worldwide net at this time, so this is for information as to how the whole system works.

P-25 Repeater Linking

The video below will give you a great deal of information how the P-25 system works. To repeat, we currently are not making the worldwide network available and are focusing primarily on our local areas. We plan quite a wide area coverage, nonetheless. Below the video are descriptions of hardware that may be of interest to our JCARC club members, as well as a radio directory of radios that were purchased and programming from Dave (KB8SCR).

Motorola Quantar Repeater

Front and rear views of what helps make the network possible.

Vertex Standard Radios

These are the P-25 compatible handheld and mobile radios that were sold to JCARC club members not too long ago and are pictured below along with button descriptions and functions. Although you probably received a copy, we'd like to povide these to you here for your convenience.

Vertex Standard VX-7200 UHF Mobile

Vertex Standard VX-924 Portable

West Central Ohio - East Central Indiana Digital/Analog Network

Jay County ARC P-25 Radio Directory

P25 ID NUMBERS 3-8-19