Local Area Nets

Adams County ARC

We start our Monday off with the Adams County ARC Net at 8 pm on 146.97- MHz, tone is 97.4 Hz. Use Echolink Node 808685. This is more of a round-table discussion net, rather than a directed net. Net control is usually Mark (KD9CES) or Nelson (WB9KQO). Loads of fun and a great bunch of friendly folks.

Jay County ARC

Tuesday Nights, our very own Jay County Amateur Radio Club Net beginning at 8:00 PM except the third Tuesday of each month. Details of this one are listed on our home page, including Echolink info. Jeff (W9JKL) is usually net control and does a great job at it. Try us, we think you'll like us.

Randolph Radio Club

Every Tuesday, join us on the Randolph Radio Club Net. We'll be there right after the Jay County ARC Net starting at 9:00 pm. This happens on the 147.300+ MHz with a PL of 110.9. Hope to hear you there!

Blackford County Net

Each Wednesday brings us the Blackford County Net at 8:30 pm on the 146.655- MHz repeater with a PL of 141.3 Hz. Stick around because at 9:00 pm, we start another net on the 70 Cm (440 for the new kids). We're waitin' for ya at 443.575+ MHz with a PL of 127.3 Hz.

Muncie Simplex Net

Happen to be or hoping to be near Muncie, Indiana on any Thursday evening at 7:30 pm? Join Richard (KB9NPU) and his motley crew on the 146.565 MHz Simplex net. Check it out!

Wells County Net

We'll give you a Saturday morning wakeup call if you tune into the Wells County Net at 8:30 am. Or wish you early happy dreams on Sunday evening at 7:00 pm. On the mighty 147.060+ MHz repeater with no PL tone required. See how easy we make it?

Have a net you'd like us to list? Email us at the link below and we'll post it right here for you!