Jay County Fairgrounds Events

Military Vehicle Show 2019

Presented here are events that we've attended the Jay County Fairgrounds in Portland, Indiana. Most are presented in a slide show format, but any videos will be posted here, as well. Enjoy!

Indiana Military Vehicle Show 2019

Below is a short video that we took on a cell phone while the 40M antenna was being put up.

July 4th Event at Jay County Fairgrounds 2018

A big thanks goes out to Chad Sullivan for these photos of the Independence Day 2018 activities at Jay County Fairgrounds!

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Military Vehicle Show 2017

Hope you were with us at the Military Vehicle Show at the Jay County Fairgrounds in Portland, Indiana on September 16, 2017. If you were, we saw you. Weather was perfect, radio conditions were perfect, and we had a nice little cookout thanks to Grillmaster Jeff. This is Francis conversing on a 40 Meter HF Net for a couple of minutes. Worth the watch. We were running portable with a 40m inverted V dipole antenna and it worked great!

Here are some of the hams that were out at the show. There were a few more not in the photo, as well. From L-R, Ron, PG, Dave W., and Francis. We also had folks not in the picture (and a few hidden); The Amazing Larry, Bobby, and of course, Grillmaster Jeff. Gil was taking the photo, so he couldn't be in there, plus a few others that dropped in during the event. We started breaking it down around 2 pm and had LOTS of people around. Thanks for all of your help!