How-to's and Interviews

Antenna Calculator

From the WB4BXW website, here are a couple of great calculators and information about building your own antennas.

PG Jellison

PG is one of our active ham radio operators and works for a local radio station in Portland, Indiana. He is also well known in the area for his interesting interviews and providing local information for our ham community, as well as local events you might find of interest. He did give info about how to get your ham ticket, but now you can find that info on the W9JCA.COM website by clicking here.

On these pages, you'll find assorted information about ham radio, its history, and technology.

Learn about digital modes and hotspots from a Powerpoint presentation by Dave Hul and a video from Dave Casler. A quick way to get up to speed on digital radio.

Ken speaks about the history of ham radio and teaches Morse code letters, numbers. . . and a couple of punctuation marks. If you'd like to practice once you learn code, try our CW Code Practice page.

Wayne is a wealth of information on Amateur Satellite Radio. Here is an audio interview that took place between PG and Wayne during Swiss Days, 2017 in Berne, Indiana. Audio Only. And if you'd like to see Wayne put this to use from a video on our site, visit our Adams County ARC Swiss Days page.

In a short video, PG gives info on some electronic components through the use of photos and examples.

Rick Wagaman gives us a lesson on how to ferret out foxes for free. Or almost.

This book, originally published in 1917 and updated in 1920, is one of the first comprehensive guides to wireless amateur communications. There has been much speculation on why a ham mentor is referred to as an "Elmer." With that, let's go back to this book by Elmer Bucher, one of the original Elmers.