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W9JCA.COM presents an excellent class study by Gary Wise (W4EEY), Tom Walton (KZ4M), and Dave Ivey (KE4EA), conducted in September, 2019. These are all of the materials that were used with the course with the exception of the ARRL license manual (link below). Look under each video for a study guide and test answers. There are a total of 9 classes presented ranging in times from a bit under an hour up to almost 2 hours and 2 practice test videos. The book, "The ARRL General Class License Manual" 9th edition with a question pool good until June 30, 2023 is highly recommended and can be ordered through ARRL by Clicking Here, or through other outlets like Amazon. After studying these videos and other presentations, you should be well prepared to pass your FCC General Class License test. Good luck and good study. 73!

Quick note: If on any of these links you see a Dropbox popup and don't wish to establish an account, just close the popup and you can access the file as normal.

General - Chapter 1

General - Chapter 3

General - Chapter 4 - Part 2

General - Chapter 6

Chapter 8

General - Chapter 2

General - Chapter 4 - Part 1

General - Chapter 5

General - Chapter 7

Chapter 9

General Practice Test - Part 1 - 35:03

General Practice Test - Part 2 - 32:42

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