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Before you go too far, we have multiple years of Field Day on this page beginning from 2018 presently, but we'll redo the 2017 page and include it here, also. Now back to your regularly scheduled text:

In the past, ham radio has been mostly been considered a senior male's game, but more and more younger people are picking up on the hobby. This includes both girls and boys, young men and young women. It can be essential in times of emergencies because it works when other forms of communications aren't. All of the radios are operating off of either 12 volt batteries or a generator. In fact, most of the computers were being run by a generator or battery instead of using mains power for the entire length of the event. The exception was that in 2019, we ran commercial power to the computer displaying the electronic map and the router handling the network of up to 7 computers to insure stability.

2018 Field Day Video

Six minutes of video to tell the story of 24 hours...we had a GREAT time!!! We had 4 stations running commercial power so we were considered a class 4A station by the ARRL rules. So if you heard us, we were W9JCA - 4 Alpha, Indiana.

We used the N3FJP commercial logging software to keep track of our contacts and even made a contact with the software's creator! We discovered that WiFi didn't work that well, but in 2019, it was flawless.

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2019 ARRL Field Day