Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Through its club activities and/or radio communications, the Jay County Amateur Radio Club (JCARC) strives to introduce the public to radio electronics, the art of radio communications, the importance of the Amateur Radio Service, and the rules of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). We will bring awareness of Amateur Radio to the public by continually being involved in events such as the Tractor and Engine Show, Amateur Radio Field Day, Boy Scouts of America, Public Education, and others.

We will also strive to be available to local emergency agencies as a source of communications during emergency situations when it is required.

Club Officers (2019):

Francis Betts: President - KB9QVO

Jeff Landers: Vice-President - W9JKL

Tom Kaup: Treasurer - KA1UP

PG Jellison: Secretary - W9RTO

Club Memberships

Current Membership Dues are $20 per year for the primary member and are due by the first regular meeting at the start of each year. Up to 3 additional Family Members living in the same household who wish to join are only $10 each per year. Pro-rated memberships will apply to all NEW members joining after January of the current year and are up for renewal for a full year in January of the following year.

Why Join?

Joining the Jay County Amateur Radio Club helps our club maintain and insure our open repeater system. You can attend and vote at all club meetings, attend social events, attend all business meetings, and even run for a club office, if that's what you'd like to do. Though you don't have to be a member to attend our club meetings, you do have to be a member to vote. You also have to be a member or be invited by a member to attend some of our social functions. You could perhaps even make yourself available to help publish our website and any newsletters. Your membership is truly appreciated.