The 2019 Bucharest Architecture Annual

Research in Architecture Jury - Participatory architecture section, Sections 12

  • arch. Marc JAY (Denmark)
  • arch. Ana Maria GOILAV (Romania)
  • arch. Alexandru RĂUȚĂ (Romania)
  • arch. Irina MELIȚĂ (Romania)
  • arch. Anca Ioana IONESCU (Netherlands/Romania)

Prize of the “Research in Architecture / Participatory Architecture” section

Research in Architecture - Architecture Books Jury - Section 11

  • arch. Melania DULĂMEA
  • arch. Nicolae Alexandru PANAITESCU

Romanian applied study on rural heritage

Authors: Lect. dr. arh. Mihaela Hărmănescu, Asist.dr.arh. Elena Cristina Mândrescu, Conf.dr.arh. Andra Panait, Conf.dr.arh. Marius Voica, Șef de lucrări dr. arh. Marina Mihăilă, Șef de lucrări dr.arh. Adrian Moleavin

Intensive programmes for higher education learners:

ROMANIA - SFIȘTOFCA & LETEA / DANUBE DELTA: “Romanian applied study on rural heritage sustainable revitalization methodology approaching inter-,multi- and trans- disciplinarily of build culture aiming to promote social inclusion for disadvantage and remote communities.”

ITALY - FILICUDI: “Multicultural applied study on rural sustainable spontaneous heritages, approaching multi- inter- criteria analysis for risk evaluations of energy and mechanical performances”

NORWAY - LOFOTEN: “Multicultural applied study on rural sustainable spontaneous heritages, approaching multi- inter- criteria analysis for risk evaluations of energy and mechanical performances”

List of articles 2018

Acknowledgement: VVITA erasmus+

1. V.Sapienza, C.Bertolin, I.Caliò, L.Finocchiaro, A.Gagliano, M.Hărmănescu, E.C.Mândrescu, G.Margani, M.Mihăilă, A.Panait, G.Rodonò, and M.Voica. (2018). VVITA Project – Sustainable and inclusive development of strategies to vitalize villages through innovative architecture technologies. in Proceedings of the 4th Biennial of Architectural and Urban Restoration, BRAU4 host of the Itinerant Congress Hidden Cultural Heritage: Under Water, Under Ground And Within Buildings 15–30 April, 2018. Published by CICOP Italia ONLUS, ISBN 978-88-909116-5-1. pp.955-966

2. M.Voica, E.C.Mândrescu, M.Hărmănescu, M.Mihăilă, A.Panait, A.Moleavin, A.Afrăsinei, I.E.Zacharias Vultur, G.Mitrache, M.Stănculescu, V.Sapienza, I.Caliò, A.Gagliano, G.Rodonò, L.Finocchiaro, C.Bertolin, M.Schwai. (2018). Lofoten Peninsula and Eolian Archipelago: Vernacular architecture experiences in two Fisherman's villages. in CSAV Journal 2018, Vernacular Technics. The technical heritage of Romania's villages. “Ion Mincu” University Publishing House, ISSN 2068-472X

3. ***(2018). Un workshop orientato allo studio dell'architettura eoliana. Promosso dal dipartimento di Ingegneria civile e Architettura nell'ambito del progetto internazionale "VVITA". VVITA intensive period in Aeolia Island has been published on the Bollettino di Ateneo of UNICT. in Giornale dell'Università degli Studi di Catania - Aut. Trib. di Catania n. 15 del 04/07/1995

Article BRAU

article VVITA BRAU_316.pdf
Catania Final Program.pdf

Article CSAV

article prepublishing form_CSAV text_EN-RO_VVITA article 2018.pdf

Article Bollettino UNICT

article Bullettino UNICT_2018_Un workshop orientato allo studio dell'...itettura eoliana _ Bollettino d'Ateneo.pdf

Kickoff Meeting & Project Working Event

13th of December 2017, “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, 18-20 Academiei Street, 11:00 AM, Senate Hall (Sala Senat – 1st level near Amphitheatre, right side )

On this occasion, VVITA team launches the project and starts networking with dedicated partners. This moment will be a wonderful opportunity to present the project and its aims, innovative results, partner universities and project team, together for a fruitful collaboration within education field. Participation is based on an invitation.

EXHIBITION: “Danube Delta – The perennial Past”

4-13th of December 2017, “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, 18-20 Academiei Street, Exhibition Hall

“Danube Delta – The perennial Past” exhibition is organized within the VVITA ERASMUS + project, together with ARBDD and „Salvați Fauna și Flora” Association.

The exhibition covers reconditioned images after original clichés on glass (collector Ioan Paun) having as theme the atmosphere of the Danube Delta. The photos presents the atmosphere, the rural landscape and the fishermen communities of the interwar period.


Tuesday, 7 of November, JW Marriott Grand Hotel, Bucharest

Nominated Project in WOOD REINVENTED Section

Study: ”The Fishermen's Shelter”

The fishermen’s shelters and traditional buildings, specific to the Danube Delta, were located in isolated areas, away from the villages’ heart serving as a home during the fishing seasons. This study is about an architectural solution which will provide shelter and housing for 6-12 fishermen, and is adaptable for more sites in the Danube Delta.

The concept has started from the basic function (housing) and adopts the typology of the traditional plan used in the Danube Delta, including the porch and the space for socialization.

The structure is entirely made of timber, starting with the pilots’ foundation, the structure of the walls, terrace, and roof, and ending with the reed cover and the insulating panels from straw.

This project is modular, using row materials, and is easily adaptable for different locations. It is fully recyclable and re-usable after the end of its life cycle. We are not using concrete or other hard-to-recycle materials.

The house is energy efficient, the architectural concept utilizes passive methods, such as orientation, shape, configuration, efficiently used natural insulation, intermediate space, and active methods, sensibly using the resources, such as solar and photovoltaic panels, pellet heating system (uses dried straw – usually fired in the Danube Delta for plant regeneration), as well as natural filters and purification systems.

This solution intends to be a good example of flagship that can be multiplied for the future ecological and eco-low-tourism of the Danube Delta, where locals should rationally manage both resources and environment, as well as tourism and mobility on the Delta channels.

© George Adamescu - Sfistofca Art Association.