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What do we do?

You’ll never be alone. Whether you want to take a break from other things and be social or meet new people in your city with whom you might form lasting friendships, we are here to make that happen. Sometimes it’s nice to go out with someone and have a friendly chat, so we are offering you the opportunity to do just that. This is a collaboration between the VU Amsterdam, Frisse Gedachtes, SRVU and L.A.N.X..

Through the registration form below, you can meet up with another student for a social activity. We make sure you get each other's contact details so you can set a place and time.

We always send you an email with the contact details of your partner and refresh all registrations between Friday and Sunday. This means that you can register for an activity once a week.

Make sure to always keep at least 1.5 meters distance from each other during the activity. Avoid public transport while travelling to the agreed-upon location.

Contact with any questions, comments or remarks that you might have.

Check for an overview of Walks at other universities. In total, we already have 3775 registrations!

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