Ship's Crew

The USS VERMONT (SSN 792) Crew consists of 20 officers and 120 enlisted sailors, one of which is a native Vermonter. They take pride in representing the citizens of Vermont, and as the first of the Block IV Virginia Class boats to be built. We take pride in having the most sophisticated, capable submarine ever set on course to be commissioned into the U.S. Navy bear the name of our state.

Commanding Officer

CDR Charles W. Phillips III

Executive Officer

LCDR Joshua Ludwig

Chief of the Boat

ETVCM(SS) James F. Brownson Jr.

PCU VERMONT Change of Command ceremony March 30, 2020. Commander Charles W. Phillips III (right) salutes Captain Henry M. Roenke IV upon assumption of command of the VERMONT, with Captain Andrew “Drew” Miller, Commander, Submarine Squadron Four, presiding over the ceremony.

The PCU VERMONT gathers for a group photo before Christmas 2019 at the EB dock in Groton, CT

Members of the Crew prepare for the wetting of the boat with 14 gallons of water from Lake Champlain, courtesy of the Coast Guard Station in Burlington, Vermont. The 14 gallons represents Vermont as the 14th State of the Union

Crew of the VERMONT (SSN 792) at the Christening Ceremony in Groton, Connecticut

Crew of the VERMONT marches in at the Christening Ceremony

Followed by the Officers of the VERMONT