Rod Brigham, Gary Frymire and wife Joann represented the VSG at the Champlain Valley Expo's Military Appreciation Day.  With Vermont's Own 40th Army Band in attendance and playing sets around the fairgrounds, it felt like an extension of the previous weeks ceremony.


Flanking Governor Scott sporting his USS VERMONT ball cap during the  Governor's Cup Race at Thunder Road, XO Joshua Ludwig (left) and COB Robert Antrim (right) proudly display their Vermont Lake Monster underway caps for the VERMONT's recent departure.

With final approval from SUBLANT, the Stafford Technical Center Bell Stand began it's 30+ year active duty with the USS VERMONT SSN 792.  The ship's bell along with the "pig stick" flying our sub's pennants are supported by the bell stand whenever the USS VERMONT is in port.  HOOYAH Stafford!

USS VERMONT's LT John Dyment holding a bottle of Putney Mountain Northern Spy Sparkling Wine, the same vintage used to Christen the USS VERMONT in 2018.  It was part of the VSG's delivery of over $2,000 worth of donations from Vermont in support of the 2021 Dolphin Scholarship Fund Virtual Auction.  Assisting with the delivery was VSG's Wayne Pickett.  Check back later to see the link to the auction that's open to civilians as well!

The VSG reached out to the University of Vermont for the donation of a basketball jersey for the "Catamount Tavern" on board the USS VERMONT.  AD Jeff Schulman and Coach John Becker donated the  jersey customized with a supportive message to the crew.  VSG's Gary Frymire presented it to the VERMONT's XO, Joshua Ludwig. 
Well Done UVM!

Burton Snowboards donated a board to the USS VERMONT along with a copy of the proclamation from Vermont's Assembly honoring Jake Burton Carpenter shortly after he died.  It's fitting for the very best of Vermont to be represented on her namesake sub.

The culmination of the Bell Stand story from Stafford Technical Center occurred July 14th when it was presented to XO Ludwig by Wayne Pickett.  You can learn more about these projects on our "Partners" page.

The rest of the story:  when VSG's Wayne Pickett reached out to Stafford Technical Center about supporting our Bell Stand project, he found their Power Mechanics and Welding instructor, Tony Bosnich, was a former Navy Repair Ship Technician.  That ensured the enthusiastic support from both instructor and students.  We'll share images of the Bell Stand when completed.  Check out the added touch of a Navy Hull Maintenance Tech emblem at the top of the post.  Very cool!

Pat McDonald, Guest Host on WDEV's Vermont Viewpoint interviews Gary Frymire from the USS VERMONT Support Group on February 2nd.  Click on the image to the right, then press play to hear the exchange.

WDEV Interview VSG - Frymire.mp4

Check out what Cabot Creamery Co-op had to say about the USS VERMONT SSN 792 with a shout out to the crew and FRG.   Lot's of great comments as well!

Pictured below is the FRG's gift bag to the VSG that started the fun.  The USS VERMONT Support Group is looking for the next Vermont Business or Association to join with us in support of the USS VERMONT.  Could it be yours?

COVID strikes again, along with the boat's deployment schedule, to prevent our working with the VERMONT Family Readiness Group (FRG) for a Christmas Party for the sailors and families.  Not to be denied, the ladies came up with a "Pie Thru" where families could register, and in a socially distanced fashion, pick up a pie along with a gift card to add to the holiday cheer.  Congrats to the FRG for their creativity!

A shout-out to Holmberg Orchards in CT for working with the VERMONT FRG to provide delicious pies for our sailors families.  The gift cards on top are courtesy of donations from People's United Bank and the USS VERMONT Support Group, with funds from the VCC.

The officers of the FRG, Rhonda, Maddie and Caitlyn,  stand ready to hand out apple or chocolate cream pies and gift cards to USS VERMONT families, as well as riders along on the current deployment.

These smiles, and so many others, speak for themselves as families thank the FRG and their supporters for the lift in their Holiday Spirits during these challenging times.