Request Tickets

***** COMING SOON *****

We are unable to begin taking ticket requests until the official announcement of the commissioning date and location has been made by the the Secretary of the Navy. Once that announcement has been made public, a Ticket Request Form will be activated on this page.

Completion of the form will be required so that the Committee can begin submission of ticket requests to the Navy after the date and location of the ceremony is announced. You will be required to provide the following information for all individuals or groups: Name, Mailing Address, E-mail, Company or Organization Name, Title, etc.

On the form, you will be able to enter any affiliation you may have to the sub (e.g. a VFW group, Coast Guard unit, Church or School Organization, etc.) If you are a crew family member, your sailor will be providing names to the command for a place in the family seating section, you don't need to make the request here.

Please check back as the commissioning date approaches for the activation of the form and details on the invitation mailing timeline, directions, and security protocols for the event.