Welcome to the VT Learning & Development Lab!

Current Projects

Our newest project is the Virginia Tech Math Buddies Program, launching in September 2020!

The Learning and Development Lab has teamed up with service-learning students at Virginia Tech to create a tutoring program focused on word-problem solving, based on the Pirate Math Curriculum. This program is for 3rd and 4th graders, who will be participating in virtual sessions with a Virginia Tech Student and Math Buddies Program Assistant over Zoom. For more information and to sign up your child to participate, go to https://bit.ly/VTMathBuddies.

About Us

In the Virginia Tech Learning and Development Lab, we conduct research to understand mechanisms of learning and determine how to optimize the learning environment to improve children's understanding of key concepts. The lab's primary focus is within the domain of mathematical cognition in early and middle childhood. We also conduct research on the application of cognitive science principles within educational settings, broadly.

We are committed to conducting high-quality research and using what we learn from research to help children, families, and teachers. Our research has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the Society for Research in Child Development. You can find more information on the Research page.