Our Hinduism syllabus is broad and ever evolving, much like the religion itself. We regularly survey students from both Hindu and non-Hindu backgrounds, listen to feedback and adapt our dynamic syllabus accordingly. This is necessary to do, as we appreciate the demands of balancing their education with making time for their spiritual and emotional well-bring. in their lives and we help our students develop tools to help them deal with issues from their own emotional anxieties to hot topics such as world poverty and climate change. Our ethos and forward way of thinking allows us to achieve this successfully during engaging and diverse lessons.

Below you will find a brief snapshot of some of our topics, and we are always welcome to receiving requests...

The Deities Module

On the fifth lesson we introduce our students to the deities part of the syllabus. To supplement our teaching we give our students a 52 card deck of Hindu Gods and Goddesses . We use these cards to help our students familiarise themselves with the deities and their qualities, serving as the perfect platform to then discuss how we can relate these qualities back to ourselves. We even go on to explore the similarities with the Marvel Universe!

The Ramayana Module

Around Diwali time we focus on the story of Rama through the Ramayana; comparing the story to Greek epics and discussing the rich symbolism and the depth of the characters within the story. We look at the different versions of the story and how it has changed over time.