We teach our lessons in an exciting and modern way that helps us connect with the modern-day student to fulfil their learning needs.

Through our diverse programme of topics and lessons we aim to give our students the following and more...

  • A deeper understanding of the roots of Hinduism and its profound teachings for living a happy and harmonious life.

  • Confidence discussing and debating Hinduism with family and friends.

  • Contributing more positively to family life.

  • Understanding symbolism and meaning within temple and festival events.

  • The opportunity to ask and seek guidance on life's "BIG QUESTIONS"

  • Knowledge of the "mind-body" in Yogic Science

(the "physical-body" is well taken care of by the education system- hooray!).

  • Knowledge of Ayurveda, including Ayurvedic medicine and how it compliments Western medicine. Useful for future doctors.

  • Knowledge of Yoga and the various paths.

  • Development of existing and new intellectual skills that will be highly beneficial when applying to higher education courses, UCAS applications etc. in the future.

  • An understanding of, and supporting, charity work.

  • The opportunity to achieve a Cambridge International O-Level Qualification in Hinduism


Our aim is to deliver each online class with a central philosophy or tool that your child can take away and adopt into their lifestyle; lessons relevant to the world

and the time that they are living in.

We often discuss current world affairs such as poverty, racism and inequality, social media pressures, bullying, terrorism etc. in relation to Hinduism.

We are confident that your child will feel an improved sense of well-being

whilst also sharing these lessons with you and the family!

We have a maximum of 5 students per class so that each student feels included and engaged whilst the teacher can give individual attention where needed.

If your child would like to create a class of 5 with their friends, please mention this when signing up. We encourage this as it then allows us to set up fun and friendly competitions with more teams and prizes as we grow your school!

  • Our lessons are taught online via Google Meet.

  • Classes are typically 50-60 minutes in length and will have a maximum number of 5 participants.

  • Please request if you would prefer private 1:1 classes; although we strongly encourage allowing your child to study Hinduism in a group to enhance many key social skills as a result.

Did someone say modern-day futuristic teaching?!

We feel that the way we in which we engage with the youth of today is dynamic and sets us aside from many Hinduism schools and classes.

We use state of the art technology to keep our students' inquisitive minds engaged in fun and interactive ways.

We understand children and how to adapt to different learning styles. We have over 10 years of teaching experience and fully acknowledge the importance of innovating our classes to ensure continued participation and engagement.

I mean, who thinks of using a Virtual Reality headset to explore the Hindu concept of Maya? We do!

Your child can learn how to build their own Virtual Reality Temple online and invite their friends and family to come in and see the symbols they have chosen to represent their path! We did warn you that learning would be fun!

Our exclusive specially developed Kahoot quizzes are a fun way for our students to learn and test their knowledge both during and after the lesson with their family!

We use Google Classroom to give your child their own personal space to interact with both during and after lessons to download resources, ask the teacher questions and upload work.

"What the lessons so far have taught me, is that to get to grips with many aspects of Hindu philosophy, I have to understand who I really am; beyond my thoughts, emotions, memories and the mind in general. It's fascinating to be able to think about life in new ways during the lessons, and advance my knowledge in this way. This is different to how I usually think in school and in general. The lessons are so fun and interesting, especially the one about the 4 parts of the mind!"

- Jessica (Hinduism for Children! Student)

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"And now Yoga!"

The opening sentence of Sage Patanjali's Yoga Sutras!

Did he really begin one of the greatest ever compiled bodies of Hindu literature with just 3 words!? What did he mean? Book a free lesson here to find out...