Pre-approval Checklist/ Salaried or Hourly

Pre-approval Checklist/ Salaried or Hourly

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Mortgage Application/Pre-approval Checklist

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1) Consecutive paystubs to cover most recent ONE month of income;

2) If you have been in your current job less than two full years, please include prior employment

Or school attendance dates and info;

3) Name(s) of your employers and complete contact information from where they will verify your employment;

4) Physical employment address if different than # 3

5) TWO most current years of FEDERAL 1040 tax returns (TWO MOST RECENT YEARS) ALL schedules, NO state returns: IF you are on extension please include a copy of the extension and proof of taxes paid;

6) W2 forms for the return years in Item #5;

7) TWO most recent months of asset statements, bank statements and brokerage/mutual fund statements and also 401K, IRA; ALL pages of statements EVEN those that appear blank. For example, if page 8 of 8 is blank, please include it;

8) IF currently renting, please provide Landlord’s contact information and the amount of monthly rent that you pay;

9) If you are already a property owner and perhaps a landlord, please provide copies of your lease or rental agreements, current mortgage statements, property tax statements, and insurance information;

10) IF you are planning to sell and use the proceeds to purchase your next home, please obtain the Final HUD-1 from the sale of any real estate (this can come later);

11) If you are collecting Social Security or Retirement/Pension from a former employer, please provide SSA-1099 or pension pay stub;

12) Clear copies or photos of your driver’s license and Social Security cards;

13) All single-sided copies please, electronic PDF files are preferred.

IF there is a Co-borrower who is applying JOINTLY with you, then please include ALL of the above information

for them as well.


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