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News - Lunch Program Update

Greetings Vimy Ridge Public School families,

Your school council would like to thank you for your patience as we sorted out the way forward with the very complicated Munchalunch credit situation. I am happy to advise that this week, the school council voted in favour of offering refunds to families who currently have credit balances in Munchalunch, including the 2.9% administration fee charged by the payment platform for taking payment by credit card or debit to ensure families receive back the exact same amount they originally paid. In total, the council's commitment to cover all of the administrative fees associated with the refunds is estimated to be a maximum of $900.00 that will be paid out of the council fundraising account. Council also voted in favor of offering families an option to donate their outstanding Munchalunch credits to council if they prefer.

Unfortunately, Munchalunch does not have refund functionality built into it’s platform, and council cannot use etransfer, so the refunds will have to be manually processed using dual-signature cheques. Affected families can expect to receive an email from Ahmed, our lunch program coordinator, with information about how to identify their wishes and to provide the required information in the very near future. Requests for refunds without all of the required information will not be processed, so please wait for the email from Ahmed before attempting to identify your wishes.

In the meantime, we recommend families log into their Munchalunch account to see what their credit balance is to help determine whether they would like a refund, or if they wish to donate their balance to the school council.

While we appreciate that some families are anxious to receive their refund, this is a complicated exercise that your volunteer council members are attempting to resolve as quickly as possible. We expect that refund cheques will start to go out in mid-July, and appreciate your continued patience.

If you have any questions about the refund process, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.

Danielle Rajah

VRPS Council Chair

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