Welcome To The site of all things VRLife

Server ip: vrlife.servegame.com

What is VRLife?

VRLife is an idea I had that is now coming to life. Hoping to be the first successful VRMMO, Imagine a world in which you can log in and meet all new people from many places of the world. All within a virtual enviroment. The main game is based inside of our city, currently nameless it is derived from a map i found on planetminecraft long ago. I will try to track down the original owner. It is extremely unfinished which is what i like. Already heavily modified from its first form this map will continue to grow with the players. Houses being built and torn down. Plots being filled. We have support for many different Vehicles, Jobs, New food, extensive furniture. This game is just getting started and will be added to constantly. The idea is to make a world, where you can do most anything you could or would in the real world. You can join and get a job to buy your dream car or house, get married if you meet a fellow citizen who you wish it spend your time on the server with. Or maybe you want to kick it up a notch and experience some minecraft, fight your way through a dungeon or explore vast lands. Maybe chop down some trees for a solid profit. The possibilities are endless. However this whole project is nothing without you. We need to begin populating this fresh new world. So please follow the guide on the Install page and join us on our journey in creating the first VRMMO!

What if I don't have a VR Headset?

That's fine! You can still play!

I care more about the experience and populating the city, I would rather not restrict our playerbase to strictly players with the hardware. Maybe once VR is a little more consumer friendly, however for now I welcome everybody.

This Game will be changing A LOT in the next few weeks. If the server is ever not available, or your mods don't work and you can't join, visit this site and check the versions page for any recent updates. I will post every new update there. I wish there was an easier way to do this but I haven't found one yet.

Do I need help?

Well if you think about it I am a single man creating and configuring every buyable space every server owned store every aspect of every block for a whole city. Yes I could use help. You can become one of the founding members of the team that created VRLife. And I would more than appreciate it. Visit Build page for more.