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WCRR = West Calgary Ring Road // See also Province of Alberta: WCRR

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July 18, 2019:

Construction Traffic Again Observed in Valley Ridge

Construction traffic / vehicles have been observed using the bus turnaround at the east end of Valley Springs Road as a staging point. Trucks also have used Valley Springs Road and Valley Ridge Drive to access the TCH. The VRCA has complained and Alberta Transportation has indicated trucks have been directed that whenever possible they are not to go through the community:

The current construction on the east side of VR and along the west side of Stoney Trail is related to the widening of the future Stoney Trail but also to construct a temporary access road from Stoney Trail into the construction area/administration site. Once the temporary access is completed it is anticipated that the VR emergency access road will again be locked and will not be used for construction purposes/access.

Alberta Transportation has promised a construction schedule update for Valley Ridge by early August. We will continue to update this website as we learn more information.

July 16, 2019:

Construction Notice: PILE DRIVING

Residents on Valley Meadows Close and Valley Brook Circle backing south onto the TCH and those backing onto Stoney Trail south-bound received a letter including a schematic (shown below) from Alberta Transportation providing notification of pile driving work expected to commence on or about July 25. Completion date is about two months and is weather dependant. The work is associated with a new overpass to be located between the TCH and homes backing south along Valley Brook Circle shown in the bright blue box on Alberta Transportation's schematic below and in further detail in a second schematic to the right.

This new bridge structure is highlighted with the dark blue box on the above schematic on the right. It will carry traffic on future off-ramps from Stoney Trail south-bound leading into Valley Ridge over a future on-ramp from west-bound TCH also leading into Valley Ridge.

July 15, 2019:

Construction North & South of the Bow River (Map #1)

Map #1 below, highlights the new Bow River Bridge (red) to be constructed on the west side of the existing bridge and associated new pavement (yellow) north and south of the Bow River.

For further questions or concerns about this work, please contact: Riaz Rehman, P.Eng., Tel: 403 297 6682, Riaz.Rehman@gov.ab.ca

For more details please visit Alberta Transportation's project website link: https://www.alberta.ca/west-calgary-ring-road.aspx

Construction Along Stoney Trail NW (Map #2)

Map #2 below, highlights work in progress that involves widening of two kilometres of Stoney Trail by adding portions of the collector lane (yellow) and a new bridge structure (red) between Crowchild Trail and Scenic Acres Link.

For further questions or concerns about this work, please contact: Riaz Rehman, P.Eng., Tel: 403 297 6682, Riaz.Rehman@gov.ab.ca

For more details please visit Alberta Transportation's project website link: https://www.alberta.ca/west-calgary-ring-road.aspx

June 14, 2019:

Careless removal of a dozen birdhouses by EllisDon workers from an old fence line within the WCRR construction zone east of Valley Ridge has resulted in Alberta Transportation levying a $5,000 against the company.

June 6, 2019:

WCRR Public Information Sessions Announced for June 12 and June 15

Alberta Transportation will be hosting two public information sessions on the West Calgary Ring Road. Details are as follows:

#1: Wed., June 12, 2019: 5:30 - 8:00 pm

Crestmont Hall, 12400 Crestmont Blvd SW

#2: Sat., June 15, 2019: 9:30am -Noon

Calgary French & International School,

700-77th St. SW

MAY 21, 2019:

West View ASP Information Session Announcement

The third and final, public information session for the West View Area Structure Plan will be held on:

June 18, 2019 from 5:00 - 8:00 pm at the Crestmont Hall

Visit the City of Calgary's West View ASP website for further information about the future community to be located immediately west of Valley Ridge and Crestmont. Display boards from the first two information sessions held in 2018 are available for download.

The City's Planning and Development department expects the new community to have an ultimate population of 10,000 - 11,000 people living in 3,700 -3,800 dwelling units.

MAY 10, 2019:

CONSTRUCTION ADVISORY #02: West Bow River Bridge Twinning

Cast-in-Place Concrete Piles for Pier 3 and Pier 4 on the North Side of the Bow River

On Friday, May 10, the VRCA received notification of Construction Advisory #02.

A drilling rig will be mobilized to a site on the north bank of the Bow River to drill the cast-in-place concrete piles for Piers 3 and 4 for the new twinned bridge commencing May 14, 2019. As part of the project, two concrete trucks will be entering site 2 or 3 times a day to pour the piles.

This work will occur over a 4 to 5 week period. Hours of operation are from 7 am to 10 pm on Monday to Friday with the option of Saturdays. The image to the right shows Flatiron-Aecon's proposed trucking route to and from the Lafarge site at Spy Hill.

Key contacts for the Flatiron-Aecon Joint Venture are listed below:

Site Superintendent: Grant Framingham 403-437-8593

Project Manager: Brad Baumle 780-974-5620

Civil Works Manager: Tony Butler 403-464-6277

MAY 7, 2019:

CONSTRUCTION ADVISORY #01: West Bow River Bridge Twinning

Excavation & Transport of Material from the Proposed Dry Pond Site Immediately east of Valley Ridge


Excavation activity at the Proposed Dry Pond site (yellow star on the schematic) and subsequent transportation by dump trucks along the blue route will be conducted by AT's General Contractors for the WBRB project, AECON & Flatiron.

This project will occur over two nights from May 7 to 8 between 8:00 pm to 5:00 am. During this activity approximately 10 trucks per hour will be entering and exiting out of the pond site immediately west of present southbound Stoney Trail lanes and north of the emergency access road from Valley Springs Road.

The VRCA's Planning Committee has been in communication with AT regarding this announcement. It is our view that AT does have a good plan to follow, however we did express concern that more advance notification of this type of activity is required n the future. We were advised the possibility of an alternative route to the east along the TCH to the Bowfort Road overpass is problematic. AT advised the Bowfort Road route would cause the closure of two lanes of traffic, reduced speeds further and required traffic controllers on-site, thus creating a far more complicated scenario.

We are now beginning to move into the main timing of construction work on the WCRR that stretches out 2-3 years until 2022. Valley Ridge sits right in the midst of this work so residents will need to give themselves more advance time for travel, be patient and exercise safe driving procedures going forward.

Key contacts for the Flatiron-Aecon Joint Venture are listed below:

Site Superintendent: Grant Framingham 403-437-8593

Project Manager: Brad Baumle 780-974-5620

Civil Works Manager: Tony Butler 403-464-6277

APRIL 16, 2019:


The VRCA has been contacted by concerned residents regarding construction activity in the community related to a WCRR work site located northeast of the bus turnaround at the east end of Valley Springs Road. As part of WCRR construction activities, AT's contractor for the bridge twinning project, AECON, has dug a long trench, three to four feet deep, at the site. This location is shown in the yellow rectangle in the image below.

On April 13 it was noted that tandem dump trucks were entering the work site off southbound Stoney Trail via the emergency road access (yellow arrows above). Once loaded, these tandem dump trucks were then exiting the work site via Valley Springs Road west bound (blue line above) to Valley Ridge Drive to then access the Trans Canada Highway via the roundabout and underpass. Ultimately, the loads were being dumped on a TUC site immediately east of the Al Azhar Shrine Centre on the north side of the Bow River. Many residents were concerned for safety concerns about the presence of these large trucks short-cutting through the community.

We were not advised in advance of this activity. However, we expressed our concerns to representatives at Alberta Transportation, and request that all construction traffic immediately cease driving through the community.

No reports of dump truck activity through the community have been received the week of Monday, April 15. At this point, we understand that Alberta Transportation has provided the necessary direction to AECON and their sub-contractors to ensure all construction traffic utilizes Stoney Trail instead of Valley Ridge streets to exit the work site.

We will continue to monitor this situation and will provide further updates as necessary. We thank Alberta Transportation for their quick response to take action on this important matter.

MARCH 22, 2019:

City of Calgary Sanitary Sewer Line Installation Project


•City of Calgary has confirmed a new project involving installation of a large, sanitary sewer line along the TCH later this spring

•1.5m (internal diameter) sanitary sewer line crossing beneath Valley Ridge Blvd near the roundabout


•Project to proceed, mid to late April, before AT’s contractor, EllisDon, commences interchange work for the WCRR


•Residents should expect some detours, possible access restrictions and some dust


•City of Calgary's Water Services Department are expect to further inform the community and residents by late April


March 19, 2019:

NDP Calls Provincial Election for April 16, 2019

Premier Notley calls a Provincial election for April 16, 2019.

Communication during an election requires that main services remain intact "but advertising and communications activities are limited to ensure that governments do not involve themselves in or influence the election. " This means communication channels with Alberta Transportation will be limited to non-existent unless a matter of public safety until after the election on April 17, 2019.

March 6, 2019:

EllisDon and FlatIron-Aecon Announced as Contractors for 2 of 3 WCRR Projects

Aecon, EllisDon and Flatiron win major contracts for work on Calgary's ring road

March 5, 2019:

Contractors Announced for 2 of 3 WCRR Projects

At a press conference held at the Valley Ridge Golf Club, Transportation Minister Brian Mason announced the award of two of three builder contracts for the West Calgary Ring Road. Minister Mason announced that:

"EllisDon has been awarded a $463-million contract to build the project’s north phase between Highway 1 and Old Banff Coach Road, while the AECON Group and Flatiron Construction will work to twin the Stoney Trail bridge over the Bow River in a deal worth $89 million."

The VRCA's understanding is that EllisDon will commence construction on the "North Project" that includes two interchanges at Valley Ridge Boulevard and Stoney Trail, 3 km of new freeway and reconstruction of 5 km of the TCH will likely commence as soon as mid to late March. We also understand that construction on the twinning of the Stoney Trail bridge will commence soon after the North Project.

We will post additional information for residents on this website as construction progresses.

March 5, 2019: WCRR Contracts Announced

February 5, 2019:

Grow Calgary to Re-locate from TUC Lands South of Valley Ridge

Grow Calgary reaches last-minute deal with Province to relocate

July 5, 2018:

West Calgary Ring Road Construction to Commence in Spring 2019

Premier Notley and Transportation Minister Brian Mason announced plans to commence construction on the West Calgary Ring Road in 2019.

July 5, 2018: AB Gov't Announces WCRR Construction to Start in 2019