VR for the Social Good

What’s the social good issue that you are passionate about?

To change hearts and minds, whose story needs to be experienced?

Let’s get started!

Tuesdays @ 5:10-7:05 PM Room TUR L005

Professors Sriram Kalyanaraman (Journalism) and Benjamin Lok (Computer Science)

TA: Heng Yao (hengyao1993@ufl.edu)

This class is open to students of any major and from freshmen to graduate student. No prerequisites and no programming or technology knowledge is required.

Course Syllabus

Office of Technology Licensing information of Intellectual Property

This course is a part of the VR for the Social Good Initiative which includes the student group GatorVR (Facebook Group).

Demo Day Video

Important Dates

August 28th - September 25th - Assignment #1 - learn Unity on your own and develop your first social good message using VR. Assignment #1 Trello Board

September 18th - Pitch Day! Seekers (researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs) pitch project ideas to the class.

Solvers (students) self-form teams of four to five. Teams select a project from projects pitched. Selection priority will be based on class participation points.

September 25th - December 14th - Assignment #2 - Use VR to improve the social good.

Tentative: December 14th 10 AM - noon - Demo Day @ Florida Museum of Natural History

Demo Day Flyer

Course Materials: Information Session on Class video

VR for Social Good Fall 2018 Schedule