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So You're Good. Time to Be Known.

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We're former communications consultants to Malaysia's MATRADE, and have served both the IMT-GT regional sub-grouping and ASEAN BAC as rapporteurs.

As such, we are extremely well-placed to provide quality content management and event management services at a reasonable cost, whether:

  • it's through editorial consulting or copywriting,
  • you need an Event Manager or an emcee, or
  • simply event support as an extra person on board.

We're also effective in Social Media Management.

As agents for Solewifi, the social-powered Wi-Fi Hotspot equipment and service provider, we can help your business grow.

A powerful tool to grow social media fans and increase sales using your Wi-Fi, Solewifi turns your current free Wi-Fi service into an automated lead generating machine.

Language can be a cultural minefield; the wrong translations can results losses in business and sometimes even relationships.

By working with native/immersed speakers, we help ensure context is maintained when translations are done.

VQA Lifestyle

Heal The World. Start Within.

# Alternative Healthcare # Permaculture #

# Interior Design # Fashion Design #

In support of global initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of modern living practices, Vision Quest Asia works with the Rachiam Foundation to source programs and guided learning tours in learning about permaculture and alternative healthcare methodologies.

We also work with selected organizations to promote environmental friendly interior design and socially conscious fashion design.