Who are we?

We are a dedicated group of immigrants from the Middle East, committed to empowering individuals fighting against oppression. Since July 2022, we have been providing free VPN services to internet users in Iran, ensuring their access to information despite government restrictions. 

In November 2019 (known as Bloody November), the Iranian regime shut down the internet and brutally suppressed protests, resulting in the loss of many lives. This traumatic event deeply affected Iranians. Following these events, people in Iran reached out for support.

Our mission is to support communication and ensure safety for protestors, enabling them to freely connect with the world. With the help of our volunteers, we have built servers and VPNs to bypass censorship. However, we need your support to sustain and expand our efforts. By contributing €15, you can make a tangible impact by providing vital news and social media access to multiple (5) users for an entire month.

In Iran, VPN services that provide internet access are controlled by the government and are expensive and unsafe. To counter this, individuals and groups started creating their own VPNs to offer free access to the Iranian people. Our project is one of these initiatives.

By providing free VPN access, we not only help Iranians bypass censorship but also indirectly support them financially. From July 2022 until July 2023, our users have collectively saved 9,276 euros. This represents the amount they would have spent on expensive VPN services, but instead, they were able to utilize our free VPNs.

This financial relief is crucial in light of the difficult economic situation in Iran, allowing people to allocate those savings towards other vital needs and support their resistance against the oppressive regime.