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Results are in, but due to the close race, a monmouth council recount will take place on November 29th. you can see initial returns at the links below. Thanks to all of our candidates; you work for no pay and deserve our admiration.

Look at these results. If some says their vote doesn't count, remind them of today. Voting makes our democracy work.

Monmouth Council:

Monmouth Mayor:

In 2018, Monmouth will elect a Mayor and three City Councilors.


Registering to vote locally, even if you are a student or renter, is not only your right, but an important part of improving your quality of life. By voting locally, you directly impact the issues that impact your day to day. Local government impacts:

  • Utilities like water, electricity, and internet
  • Property, Sales, and other Taxes
  • The condition and use of our Parks, Community Buildings, Streets, and Sidewalks
  • ...and much more!

Mayor candidates

Kevin Chambers

Council candidates

Jon Carey

Official Website Requested

Royal Johnson

Official Website Requested

All candidates have been contacted with the request to provide head-shots and websites. If none have been yet provided, best efforts have been made to use professional head-shots from official websites.

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