Huey for OPDEC C

Election Day: Saturday, March 23

Progressive Democrat

I am a civil rights lawyer and neighbor committed to building up our Democratic Party and defending our community against Republican extremists.

Louisiana Democrats must champion working families by presenting a true alternative to the far right. We must stop playing defense. We must stop compromising our values. We must contest every seat, every election. 

As a former party leader and national delegate, I bring campaign, fundraising, and organizing experience to help propel our party forward.

I am queer, Mexican-American, and proudly union. I was named after Huey P. Long. I am honored to be a member of, and recommended by, the New Orleans DSA. I also have received a "YES" recommendation from ANTIGRAVITY. I live in the French Quarter with my boyfriend Patrick and dog Sonia. I hope I can count on your vote.


Orleans Parish Democrats should be recruiting grassroots community leaders for public offices who reflect the community. This means building up our bench with young Black and Brown leaders ready to represent us at all levels of government and who will push progressive measures that champion working families.

I further believe Democrats should be knocking on doors, listening to voters, and earning their votes. It is the tried-and-true way to win elections and to serve our communities.


Orleans Parish Democrats should be putting forward a progressive platform that presents a meaningful alternative to the extremist conservative agenda pushed by Republicans and large corporate interests.

I am pro-choice (abortion should be legal, free, accessible, safe, and stigma-free), pro-union (wages should be livable and workers should have no impediments to organizing), and pro-criminal legal system reform (end private prisons, decriminalize drug offenses, increase social services, end mass incarceration, and move toward an abolitionist society).


Orleans Parish Democrats should be fundraising serious dollars to increase voter turnout and help close the margins necessary to win back Louisiana for working people. I bring experience in political fundraising and calltime.


Democratic State Central Committee Reform Candidates

District 23
A: Laurie Herbert Constantniou
B: Jack R. Sweeney

District 78

A: Lauren Jewett

District 90

A: Miranda Burbridge

District 91
B: Britain Forsyth

District 93
A: Darlene Jospeh Jones
B: Devin C. Davis

District 97
A: Nziki Wiltz

B: Kenn Barnes

District 98
A: Emily Faye Ratner
B: Mauricio Sierra

District 99
A: Page Gleason
B: Norris Henderson

District 100
A: Kelleigh Payne

District 102
A: Anne Allen
B: Stephen Mosgrove

Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee Reform Candidates

(Vote for up to 14 in your district.)

District A

District B

District C

District D

District E

Sonia proudly manages this grassroots campaign. All questions, complaints, treats, and offers to volunteer can be directed through her at 🐕

In all seriousness, please do not hesitate to reach out. My cell is (5O4) 5OO-1245. I'm always happy to chat.  -Huey

New Orleans District C

District C includes the heart of New Orleans: Algiers, French Quarter, Marigny, Treme, St. Roch, and the Bywater.