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My name is Kathryn Doebler, though you may know me as Kati! I am running for re-election to the school board for Quaker Valley Region 3. I am the mother to two QV students, one at Osborne and one at the Middle School. Before my kids were even of school age I had already known of the districts' reputation, but now with several years as a QV family under our belt I remain constantly impressed with the quality of teaching, tools and leadership. As a board member for the last 4 years, I have been overwhelmed by the passion and dedication I have seen from the teachers, staff, building leadership and administration.

But I know we have work to do - and that's why I am running again. I have seen first hand over these last 4 years where we need to focus and grow and I look forward to putting my expertise back to work for our kids, our teachers and our community.

I appreciate any donations you may wish to make toward my campaign. It's going to be a busy Fall 2021!

Why am i running?

Being on the school board is no small task. The time commitment is huge and if this past year has taught me anything, it's to expect the unexpected. My whole first term in fact has been catching curveballs. Between needing to hire our Superintendent, putting the High School project back on track, only to have COVID-19 arrive instead, we have learned to be nimble!

But these curveballs mean the High School project is not as far along as I had hoped. I have unfinished business.

But moving this project forward isn't the only motivation for running. Here are a few others:

  • I want to see that the long history of academic excellence at Quaker Valley is continued. We have been making improvements to the curriculum, specifically the middle school math program, but we need to continue to push curriculum and advance student achievement.

  • I am BOTH a tax payer and a parent. I have a vested interest in providing QV kids with the best preparation for their future that we can. But I, too, worry about costs and debt and want to ensure we are deliberate and considerate and giving the community ample time to process information and fully understand the decisions being made.

  • If COVID has taught me anything as a board member, it has taught me that I was RIGHT about how much people want to participate in local government. Before COVID we would average 1-3 people in attendance at a meeting. Now that we are on ZOOM we routinely have 40+. But it's not enough. Our communications need to be more targeted, strategic, open and our board meetings NEED to be recorded! I have been pushing consistently for this and will continue to do so.

Voting for me - Kathryn Doebler - means you will have a champion for better, more modern communications from the Board. You deserve to know! In the mean time, feel free to join my Facebook Group keeping the community up to date on upcoming Board meetings and activity!

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