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about me

I have always considered myself politically independent, often choosing to support candidates that most closely align with my values. I believe everyone is entitled to pursue their own unique lifestyle choices as long as those choices do not hurt another individual. I support fiscally smart and responsible government to bring all Delawareans the most value for every dollar our government spends.

The principles and passions for excellence that I have developed are the results of spending most of my adult life working in the information technology industry collaborating with many diverse people and groups around the world on technologies and systems across a variety of industries. To give you and idea of the breath of my experience; I have built, supported and managed a large variety of complex systems and networks including the NYC subway transit system, defense aircraft manufacturing, Wall Street stock trading, and financial transaction processing. Working within in all of these industries taught me unique and valuable lessons that can be applied to government as well as private industries. I currently work in financial technology modernizing and protecting the systems and networks processing credit card and debit transactions. I have seen how small process changes in each of these various industries can provide large margins for saving while driving down the costs of services for consumers.

The qualifications and experience I have acquired working within these industries have provided me with the knowledge and understanding needed to drive innovation and modernization in government services. Government services can be transformed to create cost saving without sacrificing important programs people rely on using the same principles of service and commitment to innovation that I have developed in private industry. Through the smart use of technology we can improve the ease of access to important government services for everyone.

It is because of my deep love for our democratic republic that I have decided to run for office. I will represent the people of our district applying the Libertarian principles of non-coercion, non-aggression, and personal liberty to every issue and decision. My spirit of innovation and my passion for excellence drives me to always use common sense, be open to hearing all voices and ideas, and enthusiastically collaborating to find the best solutions for the often complex problems the people of Delaware face.

On the Issues

Civil Rights

It is very important to recognize every person has the same and equal rights under the law and the rights of all of the people matters all of the time.

Labeling people is a divisive act used too long to keep us from realizing we are more alike than we are different. We waste too many lives and too much of our precious resources fighting each other when we could be raising ourselves and each other to new heights of happiness. Every person has the same and equal rights and the rights of all of the people matter all of the time.

Equally important I stand firmly against pre-trial civil asset forfeiture and will do all in my power to eliminate this practice in Delaware. In many cases personal assets are taken from people before they have been found guilty of a crime, this is an immoral and repugnant theft of property that should not be permitted in our criminal justice system.

I would work with all parties to end cash bails, Delaware has two types of bail that can be applied to accused criminal defendants ensuring they will appear in court. The first type known as secured bail allows a a defendant to produce a percentage of the total bail custody, often it requires a 20% deposit to not be incarcerated while awaiting trial. The 20% is refunded when the defendant appears in court, if the defendant were to skip bail and not appear in court the the remaining 80% must immediately be paid. The other type of bail known as cash bail, requires the defendant must pay the bail in full and cannot request a secured bail. These bails are typically set at $5,000 and above, the defendant cannot get out of jail while awaiting trial without a full payment. A bail bondsman will take 20% of the total cash bail as a downpayment and pay the court the full bail amount allowing the defendant to be out of incarceration while awaiting trial. However, with this cash bail arraignment the signer of the bail agreement loses the 20% down payment when the defendant will appears in court. Because the bail bondsman has assumed the full risk for the full bail they keep the 20% deposit. If the defendant skips bail the signer of the agreement is responsible for paying the bail bondsman the remaining 80% of the cash bail. The only way a defendant can recover the cash bail is by paying it in full, but these bails are typically set so high many defendants do not have the financial resources to pay them.

Opioid Epidemic

I can see that our current group of elected representatives has done nothing to improve the drug problems in our district, When State Senator was running for office in the 2017 special election, it was promised to the people of our district there would be new services available to help addicts get rehabilitated. As of that Senators reelection in 2018 no promises to curb the opioid crisis have been fulfilled. We must take a humanitarian approach to help our family members friends and neighbors be rehabilitated and educated not incarcerated, people helping people is the best first step forward.

To achieve a real change in the drug culture we must de-prohibit and decriminalize drugs starting with marijuana. Many studies can now be cited showing us that states with marijuana legalization have seen real declines in opioid deaths. The saving associated with reduced drug interdiction can be and should be used to finance the education and rehabilitation efforts that will ultimately reduce and discourage drug use.

Economic Opportunity

It is always important to understand the long term impact of all government programs, rules, and regulations. 'Feel good' legislation attempting to achieve equal financial outcomes for all always fail because first, we are not, all the same, as each of us has unique circumstances and skills that only require equal opportunity to pursue. And secondly, the legislators creating the feel-good bills never examine the long term and often unforeseen consequences of each piece of legislation or benefit program. Often this short-sightedness leads to bubbles that burst hurting everyone, even people that did not benefit from the original intent of the program. Our government should be ensuring a level playing field for all by simply supporting the equal opportunity for people to lift themselves to whatever level of economic prosperity they aspire to. Many government social spending programs actually hurt the very people they are intended to help effectively turning people with financial problems into victims of government abuses by addicting them to multigenerational benefits like an economic form of crack cocaine.

We must focus on raising people out of poverty without punishing those working so hard to provide for their families. Reducing regulations that stifle innovation and entrepreneurship are an important step towards this goal.


There are many things we can do to improve school safety at a low cost and I outlined several of them in a post on my Facebook page.

Some thoughts on school safety include: Introduce closed circuit TV (CCTV) on a few entrances and on key external locations. After 9 a.m., use only one entrance which is CCTV monitored for visitor traffic. By the way, to avoid adding to operating costs of manning the camera monitors, existing non-professional school personnel could assist, taking turns watching the CCTV feed. Through proper scheduling, two hours/week from 20 people could do the (CCTV monitoring) job and no extra expense, creating a safer school and a culture of safety. Posting exterior signs that the school is monitored by CCTV inside and out is also a deterrent in many cases.

Place in conspicuous locations (fire alarm locations) lock down alarms which can be pulled by anyone – not just the principal in the front office. Insure that all classrooms can be locked from inside which is not the case in most schools. At each district’s central office, assign one person as chief protective service officer who will check on each school’s readiness. This will not be an added person but a reorganized job. Perhaps our State Police can assist in this task of school readiness. Finally - Share the best security practices in schools by convening representatives from all districts once per year. A good idea in one district can become a best practice across the state.

Education practices themselves should be managed at the local level not by a state or national authority. Each district should be free to be a laboratory for finding new methods and best practices that can be shared with other districts and states using what works for their demographics. The states role in education should be a facilitator for information sharing among the districts, with the locally elected district boards retaining curriculum control. The local school boards should be the final authority for education in district not the state bureaucracy.

2020 has provided an ideal atmosphere to boost home and private schooling with public schools failing to address the needs of parents and students. It is now the time to seriously look at how to best end the legacy compulsory public education enabling each student to learn according their unique abilities. As we move from public to private and homeschooling the savings from the reduced public education footprint should be passed on to to the tax paying public.


The only way we can truly bring down the cost of healthcare is to get the government out of that business. Free markets with full price transparency are the most important elements to driving prices down. Mandatory insurance is wrong, even using the term health insurance is wrong, For example, you do not use your car insurance policy to get your car repaired when it breaks down. Insurance is intended to protect us from unforeseen catastrophic events. Health insurance as it is used in the United States is really cost-sharing and people should have the right to choose a cost-sharing plan that fits their medical service needs, one size does not fit all. The quality of your insurance plan should not depend on your employer, it should be portable just like an HSA or IRA account. You pick your plan and it follows you, If it changes, it is because you changed your plan, not employers. Your healthcare plan should follow your life's journey not dictate it.


The national immigration laws must be reformed to eliminate the conditions the drive states to declare sanctuary cities, and remove the incentives to violate our laws. Delaware should not adopt any sanctuary legislation that will increase the tax burden on our citizens or encourage continued illegal immigration.

Government Reforms

Increased transparency in our state government can only strengthen our individual rights. No government decisions should be made behind closed doors, every issue and every policy should be debated in full sunlight with no cronyism and no backroom deals bargaining away the rights of individuals at any time. Bloom Energy Anyone? Earl Jacques voted for the then Governor Markell boondoggle that will cost Delaware votes Millions until 2033.

All state laws should be enacted with an expiration date, and when that expiration date arrives, the legislature sitting in a session at that time can review the merits of the bill and decide if it should be renewed, reformed, or be allowed to simply expire.

The Delaware State Constitution should contain a recall amendment allowing constituents to petition for the recall of any elected official if they do not perform to the best of their abilities or do not represent the needs of the people they were elected to represent.

2020 is showing us that the Executive branch emergency powers are defined too broadly and allow a Governor to act without the input of the legislative branches. These powers must be curtailed so the emergency proclamations cannot be extended indefinitely without legislative approval in the future.

Gun Rights

I am a firm supporter of our second amendment rights and a member of the NRA and GOA. The District 27 incumbent has co-sponsored many of the anti-second amendment bills that the good people of Delaware fought so hard to stop these several past legislative session. The reality in Delaware is better enforcement of existing laws will make everyone safer, many felony gun charges are plea bargained down in the pre-trial process so why are they felonies? As with all laws the best way to make people respect the law is to make the law respectable.