In 2013, Zeyna shared her experience and business education in the classroom. 

She received her Graduate Degree in Elementary Education from Arizona State University. Ten years of classroom experience provides an opportunity for community members to have a board member with educational and financial knowledge to govern.


As a mother who volunteered for Art Masterpiece, Junior Achievement, and as a classroom parent, Zeyna deeply values the contribution of homeowners and families to their PTOs and the district.

Dedicated to the Community.


She earned her Graduate Degree in  Elementary Education from Arizona State University in 2014.

An Arizona educator for 10 years, she currently teaches for the Gila River Indian Community.

A Champion For Children.


Zeyna's strong business knowledge comes from growing and learning in her family’s retail business. This interest led her to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Kansas in 2002.

Integrity with Accountability.

Zeyna will analyze CUSD's Journey 2025 Goals to include improving graduation rates.

Zeyna will continue the CUSD standard of excellence as a Premier District in the State of Arizona with curriculum that counts.

Zeyna will be cognizant that families and businesses are met with a well-educated, world-class work force, where we all succeed together.

The Issues  

She is a teacher with students, families, educators, and community at the top of the list.

Curriculum:   Content that is Relevant.  Zeyna will have the opportunity to formulate decisions that are researched based and reviewed to drive student growth and achievement.

Committed:   Provide supports for student achievement.  Zeyna will analyze the Journey 2025 Goals for district growth to improve items outlined to include increasing graduation rates.  

Continue:   The CUSD standard of excellence in the State of Arizona.   Zeyna will provide leadership with the district goals and community at the center.

Community:   Zeyna will encourage a community of learners to be excited about the quality of educational opportunities provided by the Chandler Unified Schools!

Zeyna will continue to build upon the synergies in the continuing models of educational workforce advancement with the Chandler City Council and the Chandler Chamber of Commerce.

Did you know that CUSD is the 3rd largest employer in the City of Chandler? 

Investing in education is investing in our community.  Providing a strong base of public education is a cornerstone of our successful community; retaining property values.

Zeyna’s experience and background in education and business unequivocally prepares her to join the Chandler Unified Governing Board.  

Her skills in grants management and development provides a scope of control for large financial projects.

Zeyna will formulate decisions that are based on facts and reviewed to drive student growth and achievement.

Understands CUSD

18-years old on or before the date of the next general election: November 5, 2024.

Make Your Voice Count 

in Our Community!

Please, Register to Vote!

As a Maricopa County Deputy Registrar, and former member of the League of Women Voters in Kansas, Zeyna understands that every vote counts!

Val & Zeyna have four children, and four grandchildren.  They have made Chandler home for 12 years.

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