Paul Fournier
for CA Assembly
District 34

Hi, I'm Paul. I ran because government overreach and tyranny have reached the breaking point!

Thank you for voting for Paul Fournier in the
June 7, 2022 Primary!

Why Did I Run for Assembly District 34?

  • My family has been in California since the Gold Rush. My great, great grandfather was an immigrant and one of the first sheriffs of Sacramento.

  • I have been so horrified by what is happening to California that I was considering a "move to a red state."

  • One sleepless night, I determined I had to stay and fight for the land of my youth and of my ancestors.

  • Over the past several years, I have seen a lot of (San Bernardino) County Politics. Generally, I have noticed that much of what both the Board of Supervisors and many agencies do is react to what comes down from Sacramento and Washington. I would like to lessen the burden!

  • In all honesty, the tyranny imposed throughout COVID by all levels of government, in collusion with the World Economic Forum, corporate media, big tech and big pharma is what has horrified me the most and causes me to run for office.

  • Election integrity is the other paramount issue for me, and falls squarely into the tyranny discussion. An election must consist of one vote per verifiably eligible adult citizen, voting voter.

  • If election fraud and medical tyranny in California and across the USA are not honestly addressed and prosecuted, we are doomed as a society and a state.

Who I Am

  • I am a citizen, not a politician.

  • I believe in personal liberty, and personal responsibility for one's own actions. I laughingly refer to myself as "slightly to the right of Atila the Hun". I am a lifelong Republican, though often disenchanted with the Republican party.

  • I am a creative problem solver with a technology and business background, and a lifetime of volunteerism.

  • I have a BS in Information Systems with a Spanish Language minor, and an MS in Technology Management. I have had Real Estate and Insurance licenses. I am a lifelong learner.

  • Hablo español fluentemente.

  • I am a passionate and devoted follower of Jesus Christ, active in my church. I believe in the personal dignity of every human being, made in the image of God, and created to accomplish specific, magnificent things for God's glory. I have been a worship leader (i.e. musician) most of my life, and it is my greatest joy and privilege.

  • I have spent the last 3 years helping the homeless restore their lives. I believe that grassroots efforts are usually better at this than top-down, government-dictated efforts. I believe the church and nonprofits do this best.

  • I passionately defend causes I support; but earnestly learn from others’ viewpoints.

  • Parental choice and authority: I believe that children are a gift from God, that it is our homework assignment as parents to know our kids better than anyone else on Earth, and to create an environment for them to become who God created them to be and succeed in life. Parents are the educators; schools are the hired help. Early reading, writing and arithmetic are essential, as is vocational education. Further, parents need to be making educational and medical choices for their children - not the state and not the children.

  • Medical autonomy: Similarly, I believe that we generally know our bodies best, we are our own best doctors, and that that medical professionals are consultants and "hired help".

Paul Fournier is Pro / For:

  • Constitution - The founding documents of the United States of America are some of the most inspired writings in the history of man. The concepts that all men are endowed by God with certain unalienable rights, and that government derives its power from the people rather than vice-versa, are radical, history-changing concepts.

  • God - the Bible provides a strong moral compass. Those who don't follow it generally do evil things to their fellow man.

  • First Amendment - Freedom of speech and thought and freedom to worship the god of our understanding are the most basic and non-negotiable of freedoms.

  • Second Amendment - The right to bear arms is key to keeping all of our rights.

  • Bodily Sovereignty - No one should ever be forced to accept medical treatments against his/her will, particularly without informed consent. This is possibly more important than even speech.

  • School Choice - Public schools have been generally taken over by people and forces who believe they know better than parents what their children should be taught. When education money follows the student rather than the school district, schools are forced to compete and produce a more accountable, responsive, relevant education.

  • Pro-Life - Taking of another human life cannot be done lightly. This applies to unborn babies. It is not the same as bodily sovereignty.

  • Pro-Human - This means two things: 1. Human beings, created in the image of God, are more important than other species, and 2. All humans are created equal.

  • Police - This is a group of people who, in general, put their lives on the line daily for the protection of others. They need to be well-trained, well respected, and as a general rule, given the benefit of the doubt. That said, their first priority must be the protection and defense of the Constitution.

  • Legal Immigration - The USA is indeed a melting pot and one of the most desirable places to live on the face of the earth. Immigration needs to follow set laws and standards, and those unwilling to do so should not be allowed entry and certainly not the rights of citizenship.

  • Property Rights - The rights of others to determine what an owner may do with his/her property must be limited and well defined. Zoning is an example of well-defined. Outside of those well- and pre-defined limits, a property owner should generally be able to do any legal thing with his/her property.

  • Trump - Donald Trump has been the most pro-American president in modern history. He has set about the destruction of Anti-American people, organizations and forces - and has been vilified and persecuted because of it.

  • Water infrastructure - The last dam completed in California was in 1972, when California's population was half of what it is today (and we have torn down dams since then). We are asked to conserve 'til it hurts, and meanwhile California's farmland, previously some of the most productive in the world, is becoming a dustbowl. The plans exist for comprehensive water infrastructure for the Western states, and desalination of seawater needs to be an immediate priority.

  • Power infrastructure - California's leadership is hell-bent on making California "green", no matter the cost or consequences. Solar and wind are incapable of providing California's electrical needs in the near future, and the same people who are in favor of them tell us we can't build them due to harm to wildlife. We must already import 20% of our power from out of state, while San Onofre nuclear power plant was decommissioned in 2013, and Diablo Canyon is scheduled for the same fate in 2025.

  • A National Bank, owned by the people (credit), rather than a private western central bank (debt) is key to our personal and national sovereignty. Private Western central banks have simultaneously raped the populace and funded some of the most heinous acts in the history of mankind.

Paul Fournier is Against:

  • Tyranny of all kinds, but particularly the medical tyranny which has flowed from the COVID-19 "pandemic"

    • The ability of executives and bureaucrats to give executive orders

    • Business and school closures

    • Closing of taxpayer-funded facilities like the DMV, welfare offices, parks and beaches

    • Suppression of preventive treatments

    • Suppression of early treatment

    • Suppression of research and dissenting voices

    • Destruction of doctor-patient sovereignty.

    • Perverse incentives to hospitals and doctors to produce a COVID diagnosis or death

    • Perverse incentives to use dangerous or ineffective treatments

    • Mask mandates

    • Vaccine mandates - particularly for any vaccine or other medication that has not undergone testing for long-term (i.e. 10-15 years) effects or for which the manufacturer is shielded from liability for damages.

    • Social distancing mandates

    • The use of literally $billions$ of taxpayer dollars to pay for propaganda to gain citizen compliance in all of the above.

    • AND DON'T THINK FOR ONE SECOND THAT IT'S OVER!!! The tyrants have experienced the rush of controlling millions of people's lives, and they want more! Upcoming tyrannical California legislation includes: SB 871, SB 866, SB 920, SB 1464, SB 1479, SB 1390, SB 1184, AB 1797, AB 1993 and AB 2098, just to name a few. These 10 bills added together will create a state where you will not be able to learn, work play or live without showing proof of vaccination.

  • Biological men competing in women's sports. This is the undoing of decades of progress for women and girls! The imposition of "woke" norms is yet another form of tyranny.

  • Large unpermitted/illegal marijuana grows - They should return to felony status. I am not referring to legal, permitted (usually medical marijuana) grows nor plants grown for personal use.

California's 34th Assembly District

18,323 square miles in rural San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Kern Counties

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