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2015 GSSCC Siegershow

Kofi wins the senior class Kofi is the first working dog male to present a progeny group at this level.

3 of his progeny are winning the GSSCC Team Challenge. 7 of his progeny are presented at the Championships!

2014 East Regionals- Sieger V1

2013 WUSV Universal World Championship in Belgium 12th place

2013 East Regional Sieger V1

2012 GSSCC TOP Ten award in 1st Place

2012 GSSCC Highest IPO3 Trial award

2012 CNBSC High in trial

2012 Eastern Regional Champion IPO3

High in tracking, obedience, protection & in trial

2012 Eastern Regional Sieger - V1

2012 Eastern Regional Universal Sieger

2012 Team Canada member WUSV Universal Worlds in Diest, Belgium 12th place and 3rd place as a Nation

2012 Team Canada member WUSV Worlds in Steyr, Austria

2012 GSSCC Universal Sieger

2012 GSSCC Championship 2nd place

2012 GSSCC Siegershow V6

2011 CNBSC Trial SchH3, High in trial

2011 Team Canada member WUSV Worlds in Kiev, Ukraine

2011 GSSCC Universal Sieger

2011 GSSCC Championship 2nd place,High Obedience

2011 GSSCC Siegershow V9

2011 PEISC Lobsterfest FH 96 pts

2011 Team Canada member WUSV Universalsieger Worlds in Austria

2011 East Regional show V2

2011 East Regional "Universal Sieger"

GSSCC Siegershow 2015 Kofi's Progeny Group

2010 Team Canada member WUSV Worlds in Seville, Spain

2010 East Regional Champion SchH3

2010 GSSCC Championship 4th place

2010 GSSCC Siegershow V7

2010 GSSCC Vice -Universal Sieger

2009 GSSCC Championships

2009 East Regionals

3 Generations




Snow Diving :-)